Addcition: Stepping Up And Stepping Out?


Addiction Stepping Up And Stepping Out?

 In the ever expanding fight against addiction it is important to step up and step out to help those affected by addiction.  In stepping into your power and stepping up to the plate you begin to see that you are not alone in this battle and that there is help for you and your family.  It is time for all parents of addicted children to erase the stigma of having an addicted child. Understand people will be quick to judge because they don’t understand as they have not walked in your shoes and are most likely happy because it is not their kid. They don’t know that it could easily be their kid as addiction is becoming a pandemic in our country. Instead of others judging they should step to the plate and join in supporting the families affected by addiction. In stepping up to the plate and getting involved you can stem the tide of addiction. You may not eradicate it totally however by making an effort and doing what you can with what you have and doing it now you can alleviate a bit of the pain and suffering that you may be experiencing due to the fact that you have an addicted child.

One way to step up to the plate is to make plans to join The Addict’s Mom on May 17, 2014 at 10 AM at The Town of Davie Town Hall. I would suggest you leave the power stilettos at  home and break out your sneakers. In addition to speakers there will be an opportunity to walk a mile and share with other parents who are going through what you are going through. The hardest thing for a parent of an addicted child to face is the fact that their child has a problem. That is where comes in as it provides an opportunity to share without shame, find resources, and see that you are not alone. In many cases it is getting over the stigma of having an addicted child that allows you to step to the plate. It takes much courage to step out and step to the place and to step out of the comfort zone to say Hello my name is_______ and I am the parent of an addict. After you admit to this reality you can then work on the healing process by understanding you did not create the problem, you can not control the problem, and you can not cure the problem.

 When you step out and step up to the plate think of this serenity prayer to help you in dealing with the challenges of having an addicted child. In getting in touch with your own divinity and having faith you will find freedom by detaching from the addict with love and thus you will be able to be of service and value to yourself and others.

 In stepping up tot he plate and stepping out you must be willing to do things differently. If buying materialistic items, paying for rehabs, or visiting while in jail isn’t working it is time to change the way you are doing things. The bottom line is that until the addict is ready to change nothing will change.

 When you step to the plate it is important to make sure that you are healthy in mind, body, and spirit.  If you are grateful for the healthy children in your life if you have more than one and you focus on them as opposed to the addict you will find that you begin to heal mentally, physically, and spiritually. I have witnessed so many parents of addicts who get so wrapped up in the fact that there kid is an addict that there life begins to spiral downward and before you know it they too are lost. To avoid this put yourself first. If you step to the plate and take care of yourself then you can take care of others. If your life is revolving around your addict you need to change things. Yes it is difficult to honor yourself before you take care of your addict, however it is important for you to step up for yourself.

 In stepping to the plate and sharing your story you are empowering and inspiring others. In many cases you will witness miracles as people do recover and do stay clean and sober. Sometimes all it takes is declaring that you are special and taking care of yourself first. In sharing and putting yourself first and using positive thinking you will see change because when you change your thinking your life changes. Step To The Plate!!!




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