Addiction: A New Day, A New Beginning, A New Perspective!!!


Addiction: A New Day, A New Beginning, A New Perspective!!!

by Jonathan Lederman – Media Director – The Addict’s Mom – www.addictsmom.com

Today is a new day. Yesterday is gone and tomorrow is not promised that is why today is a present. Like a new gift it is up to you to  decide how you will use the gift of this new day. To help you in your quest to face the challenges that you may be going through it is important to remember you may have had a hand in the creation of the situation, however you also need to stop beating yourself up about it and live in the moment and not try to go back or project ahead.

  As I write this the rain falls outside my window due to the weather conditions created by Hurricane Sandy. While there may be a hurricane brewing outside I choose to be bright and sunny on the inside by shining a light of hope to those who are facing challenges.  The challenges you may be facing are being faced by many as evidenced by the many stories at www.addictsmom.com so you know you are not alone. The choice you make as to what type of day to have is up to you. You can choose to be consumed by the behavior of the addict and continue to attempt to be the rescuer or you can let the addict live their life and knowing you did everything you could to help him or her.  The decision to have a bright sunny day comes from inside of us. One way to create a bright sunny day is to make and commitment to statements like whatever happens today I will find something good in what happens. By using affirmations and positive quotes like the ones below you will begin to create a bright sunny day from within and thus regardless of any outside forces you choose to be positive.


When you choose to have a bright sunny day and be positive things will improve and you will find new perspective.

Addiction: Tools to Embrace A New Day, A New Beginning, A New Perspective

I have always found music to be a great tool to create positive energy as a new day begins and a new perspective is found.

 In his song Morning Has Broken, Cat Stevens gives us a message about a new day and teaches us to be grateful and to make the most of the day. In creating an attitude of gratitude and being thankful for what you have and not wanting for what you don’t will help you create a day filled with joy and abundance. When one is grateful and expresses gratitude it shifts them into a position where their perspective is not clouded by judgement
 Jimmy Cliff sings of a bright sun shiny day. Listen to the lyrics and hear the message that once you clear the clouds and the storm(addiction), when you remove judgement(your feelings toward the addict), the way is cleared to create a bright sun shiny day. Again you can choose to wallow in the misery of this disease known as addiction or you can begin to clear the clouds and make it a bright sun shiny day.

 Matthew West delivers a very important message in his song Forgiveness. Forgiveness is an important tool in creating a new beginning and and a new perspective and you embrace a new day.
 U2 and Bono sing about a beautiful day.This has become an anthem for many as they create a great day regardless of the circumstances they are in or the challenges they are facing.

Books are often a great tool to help in creating a new beginning and a new perspective:


In many cases having a coach to help you create a new beginning is an essential part of creating a new perspective. When choosing a coach make sure you choose one that resonates with you.

 Coach Shantel Springer is a leader in the personal development field who has gone through a tremendous transformation. Her story is inspirational and empowering. Her gratitude program, better living program, and forgiveness program give people tools they desire to face and overcome challenges.


Barbara Theodosiou is The Founder of The Addict’s Mom. She has a Master’s Degree in Family Counseling and has been dealing with 2 addicted children for 5 years. Her story is chronicled at www.addictsmom.com. She can relate to many of the situations of an addict’s mom as she lives as an addict’s mom everyday. As this blog is being written her son Daniel is sitting in the county jail as a result of his addiction and breaking the Marchman Act (a tool available in Florida to help those dealing with addicts).

 Beverly Buncher is an Addiction Counselor whose Loving Mirror Approach is helping to bring families back together.

There are many tools and coaches available to help you create a new day, a new beginning, and a new perspective. The key is to use the tools and make a commitment to yourself that regardless of the acts of the addict you will take care of yourself and remember you are special.

I chose to close with Tracy Chapman’s song New Beginning so as to encourage you to start over each day and move forward in a positive direction.









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