Addiction: Be The President Of Your Life!!!


Addiction: Be The President Of Your Life!!!!

    On Monday 2/18/2013 the country celebrated President’s Day, which originally was the combining of  Lincoln’s Birthday and Washington’s Birthday. The holiday today celebrates all presidents. This inspired to write this entry today to help you to be the president of your life. As I visited www.addictsmom.com, a FREE Membership Site where mothers of addicts can come together and share without shame, find resources, and see that they are not alone I saw many stories of mothers who are at a crossroads in their life and really should take charge of their life and begin to put themselves first. So many of the stories focused on what their child was going through and how they could fix it? The harsh reality is you can’t. The addict has to be the one who fixes it. Many of the mothers told stories of how they are so fraught with despair that they are unable to do for themselves. As I read I kept thinking it is your life be the president of your life. Make an executive order to put yourself first because you can not help others if you aren’t helping yourself.

 One way to help yourself is to visit www.addictsmom.com and see how other mothers are putting themselves first. It is important to take control of your life and understand the addict is going to do what they are going to do. You can not live their life. You can give them all the advice in the world, you can give them emotional and spiritual support, you can even help financially, however until they are fully committed to the process of getting clean it will remain a revolving door. The harsh reality is that you did not cause the addiction the addict made the choice to use and they now have a choice to keep using or to stop? The addict is also the president of their life.

Addiction: Tools To Be The President Of Your Life!!!

  The most powerful tool we have to the president of our life is the bible as it helps us to realize that we are truly powerless and that when we surrender to GOD we growth emotionally and spiritually thus we are empowered to take back our life and be the president of our life.  When you become president of your life make sure you put together a strong cabinet to help you in your quest to take back control.


Books such as the ones above can help to propel you forward in a positive direction to be the president of your life and to write your own constitution.


Affirmations strategically placed where you can see them and then internalize them and truly believe them will help you in becoming the president of your life and writing your own laws.

 Keeping an I AM list and keeping it positive will also help you to become the president of your life.

 Keeping a Gratitude Journal and finding something to be grateful everyday will help in your quest to be the president of  your life.


Addiction:People To Help You Become The President Of Your Life

Jeanne Dexter introduced a great communication tool to help you become the president of your life with her Talking Jar Series. You can find out more about The Talking Jar Series at www.talkingjars.com.

      Satya Kalra is the founder of Path To Anandam, www.pathtoanandam.org, and her teachings will help you to become the president of your life.

     Mary Morrissey has written many books and taught many workshops on how to take control of your life. She will be in Fort Lauderdale, FL on March 1-2 for The Superstar Summit at Bahia Mar. For more details about that event visit www.superstarsummit.com.


This week add your photo to this picture as you become the president of your life.




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