Addiction: Changing Your Attitude!!!!


Addiction: Changing Your Attitude!!!

 Today’s blog post was inspired by Whitney Houston’s song, The Greatest Love Of All, as it helped me to shift my attitude and move forward in a positive direction. Whitney Houston was called home to GOD as a result of an overdose. Her beautiful messages delivered in song were a mask for the pain she was suffering. This led me to ask a question what pain are you masking as a result of having an addicted child? I then began to ask what challenges are being heightened because of the attitude you are showing toward the addict?
  Think about all the interactions you have with your addicted and the attitude you displayed when dealing with your child? Did you come from a position of love or a position of anger? Did you come from a position of hope or a position of fear?  When the phone rings and it is your addicted child do you cringe and say now what or do you take a deep breath and say I will be loving and supportive? When you see their name in an email do you say oh no delete or do you read and respond in a caring and loving way? The energy and attitude that you display will be the energy that you get back.  I know it is hard to do what Beverly Buncher suggests and Be a Loving Mirror. In past blog entries we touched on forgiveness, which generally leads to having a better attitude when dealing with the addict.

 When you choose to interact with your addicted child remember that you have the choice to make it a good interaction or a bad interaction. You can not live their life. You can not intimidate them to sobriety this has to be their choice. You can make a conscious choice to do the best you can  with the tools that you have. You can set the boundaries and ground rules and make sure they are followed. You can assume the attitude of I am glad you contacted me.  The attitude you bring to the challenges of having an addicted child will often determine how you function when dealing with others. In many cases the parent of an addicted child makes the child their end all to be all and thus does a disservice to themselves and others.  The addict will do things that you will make you wonder what were they thinking? Your choice is to get mad or to be loving by simply saying I don’t know why you did what you did and it is not my responsibility to try to understand, however if you continue to make these choices I will not be able to give you support. When I say support I am not saying financial support I am saying emotional support.  You can tell the addict, this is the hardest decision that I have had to make but because of your actions you have hurt yourself, hurt me, and hurt our family and thus until you make better choices or are in recovery I can not interact with you. That is easier said than done because of all the emotional and psychological factors that are involved.

 Time will definitely change us and our attitudes. The one fact remains is that time may heal old wounds when all parties seek to heal. It all comes down to your attitude in dealing with the challenges that you face when having an addicted child.

Addiction: Tools To Help You Change Your Attitude!!!

The only thing we can change about the situation is the attitude we bring to the situation. I hope the following tools will help you to change your attitude so you can move forward in a positive direction toward your goals.



The above books can help you in changing your attitude.


Affirmations are a great way to set in motion a positive attitude.


Putting quotes up to remind you about the attitude you assume is a great tool to stay grounded.


Addiction: You Have The Power To Change Your Attitude!!!!

This week, remember  you have the power to determine your attitude and how you will soar and be a shining light to others.



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