Addiction: Finding A Way Out!!!


Addiction: Finding A Way Out!!!!

 There may be no easy way out but there is a way out.  The way out starts when you accept the fact that your child is an addict and you are powerless over the addiction. As you embark on your journey to find a way out remember that you did not create the addiction, you can not control the addiction, and you can not cure the addiction. You can however take control of your life  by making sure you let go and let GOD. When you understand that everything has happened for a reason and you find what that reason is you can work your way out of the issues created by having an addicted child. The dynamics involved are very complex  and trying to figure out what went wrong is fruitless the only thing you can do is find a way out. The way out can be in the form of detaching with love until the addict is serious about getting help and making a change in their life. This is a tough step as it means that you will cut off communication with the addict until they get help and are sober (clean) for 30 days. Another way out is to support the addict emotionally and spiritually but not financially by being a loving mirror and shining your light for them to see. You can begin to focus on yourself and the other members of your family and move toward your goals and their goals.

Addiction: Finding A Way Out – Removing Fear

 The biggest fear a parent of an addict has is that their child will die on the streets. For many parents this fear has become a reality and their way out came with burying their child. The fear can be erased by focusing on you and the other members of the family. It is when you shine your light and share your story at sites like www.addictsmom.com that you continue to remove the fear of losing your child.  The time is now to face everything and rise by acknowledging the fact that you child is an addict and all you can do is watch things unfold as it is their choice to move forward and get help.

 Parents it is time to come out of that dark room and shine your light brightly. It is time to stop worrying about what the neighbors will think or say and acknowledge that there is a way out. You have the capability to find that way out. You have the opportunity to step back and face the fear and then make a plan of action to move forward and overcome the fear.


Addiction: Finding A Way Out – Forgiveness!!!

Forgiveness is a key component of finding a way out. You can write a letter of forgiveness to the addict (Even if you never send it), yourself, and others that may have been wronged by your actions. You can devote some time each day to prayers of forgiveness.


Addiction: Tools For Finding a Way Out!!!

    Personal Development Books such as these will serve as tools to help you find a way out. The key is to read the books and apply what you learned so as to improve your personal and professional life.

      Affirmations when stated out loud and internalized will lead to finding a positive way out. It is important to choose the affirmations that really resonate with you and create a positive vibration within you.

      Having quotes to carry with you often lead to finding a way out as they become embedded in our sub- conscious and manifest in our lives. What you focus on expands so focus on finding a way out.


Addiction: Songs For Finding A Way Out

This week as you continue to seek a way out know that you are not alone and say a prayer for all those seeking to recover. It is through you shining your light that things will improve. I leave you with this gift of a meditation video in hopes that you will find a way out.





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