Addiction: Football, Politics, and More!!!!


Addiction: Football, Politics, and More!!!!

by Jonathan Lederman – Media Director – The Addict’s Mom –

As I watched the Philadelphia Eagles play The New Orleans Saints on Monday Night Football last night (11/5/12) the commentator alluded to the fact that Andy Reid, the head coach of The Philadelphia Eagles, may have been affected by the death of his son Garrett. Garrett Reid was found dead of a heroin overdose at The Eagles facility during training camp. Garrett had been dealing with his addiction and making progress and become the strength coach for The Eagles until an overdose took him from this earth. I started to think yes Andy Reid has been affected by his son’s death and with his platform as a head coach in The NFL can use his clout to bring awareness to the issue of addiction and the devastating effects it has on a family.

 I have read so many stories on The Addict’s Mom Website,, and in the various Facebook groups about those lost to addiction. I believe we all need to come together and share and encourage others to share. Through sharing perhaps we can help other families to avoid the trials and tribulations of having an addicted child. The answers are not simple however they can be found through sharing without shame as together you are stronger and reminded that you are special. Many times addiction is like a football game as you scrap for every inch trying to score a touchdown in your life and win in the end. the touchdown is the recovery process and the win is seeing the loved one become clean and sober. How many Garrett Reid’s are we going to have to bury until our society wakes up and says we need a new approach to eliminating drugs and alcohol from our culture.


You know the 1st 2 photos however many may not know the 3rd. That is Gary Johnson The Libertarian Candidate for President. This brings us to the way we can change the way that the issue of addiction is handled. We can get out and vote for the person who will fund programs and who will really focus on the ideas of prevention and recovery. There are many programs that need funding that we as a population regardless of who we support need to start addressing. Instead of  complaining take action and write to you congressmen and congress women and share your story and the fact that you are asking for more funding to be dedicated to the pandemic that has become addiction in our country. Ask them how many more lives have to be shattered before we all wake up and do something. We are spending so much supporting foreign interests when we need to be supporting those at home first especially those suffering from addiction. I strongly recommend that after the election we flood the offices of all elected officials with an onslaught of snail mail encouraging them to do something about the pandemic that is robbing our country of talented young people known as addiction.

Addiction: Resources For The Family of An Addict

So your son or daughter is an addict and still living the life of an addict. Do not fret as you are not alone as many parents are going through the same pain that you are experiencing. There are many places to turn such as The first thing to do is come out of the dark and accept the fact that your son or daughter is an addict and you are simply powerless until they decide they want to be clean and sober and free of their addiction.  The following are some resources that you can use to help you and your family in the process of meeting the challenges of having an addicted family member.



You can read books and apply what you learned. You can carry medallions and stones to help you cope. You can attend meetings. One major component of dealing with the fact that your son or daughter is an addict is to take care of yourself first and be in tune with the others in the family that may be in pain as a result of the addict’s actions.

 As I was searching for content for the blog today (11/6/12) I came across this photo of a pin that was introduced in September during National Recovery Month.  Remember you can support the addict’s road to recovery by setting boundaries. It is my hope that your son or daughter will put down the drugs and alcohol and turn their life around before it becomes to late. If you losed someone to addiction you can share their story in hopes that it will resonate and stop another person from evening starting with drugs and alcohol.

I found a few videos that I believe will help you in your quest of meeting the challenges you face with having an addicted child.

May you continue to be filled with peace, love, and happiness as you show the courage to come out and say I am the Mother or Father of an addict.




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