Addiction: Hey Brad Keselowski Stop Glorifying Alcohol!!!!!!



Addiction: Hey Brad Keselowski Stop Glorifying Alcohol!!!!

After Brad Keselowski won The Sprint Cup Championship he immediately alluded to going to celebrate by having a few drinks. This struck a nerve with me because he represents something that is truly ironic in our society driving a car sponsored by Miller Lite at a high rate of speed. Miller runs ads about not drinking and driving and then sponsors a race car driven by someone whose first word were there will be drinking involved and then the next morning he talks about not being as hungover as he thought he would be.  Some would chalk it up to his immaturity. Come on people the man is 28 years old and should know better as many young kids are watching NASCAR and look up to Brad and will justify their poor decisions by saying well Brad does it and he makes millions of dollars and won a Sprint Cup Championship.

 It isn’t only Brad Keselowski it is NASCAR as they allow Budweiser to sponsor a car. I understand that sponsorship dollars are hard to come by, however  when alcohol abuse is destroying the moral fiber of our country why glorify it? Other sports are sponsored by alcohol companies and this too strikes a nerve as glorifying alcohol leads to many lives being negatively impacted. Beer and Champagne Celebrations in The clubhouse have long been part of baseball and hockey. however what message does this send to our society that hey its okay to drink to excess and celebrate by drinking. It is time to stop glorifying alcohol. There are those that will say well alcohol is legal or no one is forcing someone to drink. Some will say well drinking in moderation is okay and others will say  well Jesus turned the water into wine. Yes he did and when he saw that people were abusing the wine he turned it back into water with a lesson not to glorify the alcohol but to use it to sanctify the holy spirit that resides in us.

 Joe Namath was interviewed by Suzy Colber a few years ago where he said I want to kiss you. He later apologized for being drunk on camera. Since that incident Joe Namath went to rehab and has been sober since.  Many laughed it off and though oh isn’t Namath funny while others realized just how prevalent alcohol abuse is in our country.

 Beer is sold at most sporting events and I was even a Beer Vendor at N.Y. Islanders Games while I was in college and I made sure to monitor the customers and not to oversell and not to encourage them getting drunk. When I saw the damage that was being done because of alcohol use I stopped selling Beer at the games and changed to ice cream and cracker jacks and soda. It was then that I took a stand to stop glorifying the use of alcohol. Many of the issues that people have can be traced back to their alcohol use. Many people go to a game and can have a beer yet many others can not control themselves and over indulge.  I am not saying ban beer sales or tailgating I am saying not to glorify it as much. Have you ever been to a game and you are really having a good time and them some drunk guy spills his beer on you and is all sloppy, I hate when that happens and that is why I say to stop glorifying drinking. Imagine that same drunk sloppy guy getting into his car and driving and then hitting an innocent child and crippling that child for life or worse killing that child. This can be avoided if we stop glorifying alcohol.


I chose these photos to emphasize the point to stop glorifying alcohol. If you never use you can not abuse. The step to stopping alcohol abuse is to stop allowing alcohol to be glorified.  Another step is to educate people and show them what happens when they use and what it does to their body and mind.


There are many out there who will be able to drink in moderation, however many others will take it to the extreme and become alcoholics and to stop the problem we must educate and ask those with a large platform like Brad Keselowski and Others to stop glorifying the use of alcohol. I looked at the second graphic and thought what could someone do differently with $1600, for many that pays off a car for others it gets them health insurance, for others it makes for a good vacation.

 Imagine the next time you are out that you make it a point to either not drink alcohol or just have one drink. instead of buying a case of beer buy a couple of singles. Think of the money you would save.

remember you as a parent can model great behavior and if your child still wants to use and glorify alcohol they will and they will find every reason to justify their usage.  The big picture is not to glorify alcohol.

Please share your strategies to stop glorifying alcohol and your success stories here.




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