Addiction: How Are You Showing Up?


Addiction: How Are You Showing Up?

by Jonathan Lederman – Media Director – The Addict’s Mom

In many cases the vibes that we are getting from others is how we ourselves are showing up. Think about how you are showing up and how you are carrying yourself. In dealing with addiction are you coming across as judgemental and angry or are you perceived as loving and caring. How you show up depends on how you feel about yourself on the inside. Have you been lacking self worth and thus allow others to step on you or are you confident and sure of yourself and thus are treated with respect.

 Are you a picture of positivity living your life with a thumbs up attitude knowing that you are okay and that you are loved and special and you deserve to be loved and treated special.  When you awake are you looking forward to the opportunities the day brings or are you dreading all that lies ahead.  An exercise to try each morning is to say a gratitude prayer thanking GOD for the day and the opportunities it brings.

 When you see this photo what do you think? Consider how you are showing up and how you will be perceived when you get ready for the day. This gentleman may be very knowledgable and very pleasant, however the way he shows up may be detracting from him as people are very quick to judge. When a mom or dad states that they have an addicted child they are often questioned and blamed or they blame themselves and may show up in a negative way as they feel negative about themselves. This negativity often carries over into their personal and professional life as misplaced anger and helplessness and thus their business and personal life suffers. the question is how do we turn this around? The answer is first to stop playing the blame game and have people with addiction issues take accountability and to begin the recovery process.  One idea is to create a way to become A Loving Mirror as Beverly Buncher, a family life and recovery coach suggests and show up with love and understanding. Another idea is to make sure you are showing up in the most positive and favorable light as possible.

Addiction: Tools To Help You Show Up In A Positive Manner

There are many books available to help you in your quest to show up in a positive light


If you have any book suggestions please leave them under comments. The more your read and apply what you read the more you increase your chance to show up in a positive light and to receive positive input from those around you.

I have found that affirmations posted around the home and office help in showing up in a positive manner.


If you have sayings or quotes to share please share under comments. Many times keeping a favorite saying with you allows you to show up in a positive way and thus to be treated in a positive way.

Songs  are also a great way to set the mode of how you are showing up.

Mercy Me delivers a message of prayer and hope to help you show up in a positive light

The Casting Crowns shows you just how special that you are that the lord has chosen you to pass along a message.

It is often after the storm that we show up greater than before.

Many times it is through faith, hope, and charity that we make the best appearance.


An exercise that you can do daily is to assume the attitude of gratitude and write down 3 things you are grateful for.


As you decide how you are going to show up remember it is your decision.



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