Addiction: Making Things Better!!!


Addiction: Making Things Better!!!


 As I was searching for what to write about today I found this ELO Song and  it reminded me that things get better if we take the steps to make them better. Things may seem tough and you may feel distraught, however you can take solace in the knowledge that you have the power to make things better. In many cases it takes making a difficult decision such as letting go and letting GOD.  When things seem tough I recite the following so as to find strength to make things better:


 In order to make things better we must understand there are certain thing we can not change and certain things we can change. We have the power to change the way we think and react to a certain situation. We have the power to remove things and people who no longer serve us from out lives so we can make things better.  We can take the first step and realize that there is a problem and we can then choose to be part of the problem and keep adding fuel to the fire and allow it to burn out of control or we can come up with a plan to change the situation and fan the flames so that they burn out.

 Our life is a matter of perspective. When we change our perspective things get better. Think about  the way we view people we interact with and the way we look at them and then change your perspective and remove the judgment and see how things get better. Having a caring compassionate person in your life that gives love unconditionally definitely improves your life.

Addiction: Tools For Making Things Better!!!

 One of the tools that I have found to make things better is The Bible and many verses such as this one that reminds me when dealing with anyone to be practice these traits. My experience has been that when I use these traits that things get better.

 Affirmations such as this one serve as a great tool to make things better. When you truly believe and affirm these beliefs your life improves. The key is to love yourself and be proud of who you are and what you continue to become as you grow personally and professionally.

            Having a personal development library that will help you to improve the quality of your life will definitely make things better as it will provide reinforcement for the decisions you are making.

 Meditation is a great tool to help make things better. Using videos such as these are a great tool to help you with self-love so that you can make things better.

Addiction: Embracing The Power To Make Things Better!!!



This week embrace the power you have inside of you to make things better. The solutions we seek do not come from the outside forces around us but from the inside forces we control. This inside for is our divinity and we should allow it to guide us to make things better.  Remember that you are a divine child of GOD and you have the power to make things better. Embrace Your Power!!!!

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