Addiction: Matt Mitcham Is One of Many Who Has Overcome Addiction!!!


Addiction: Matt Mitcham Is One Of Many Who Has Overcome Addiction!!!


Beijing gold medalist Matt Mitcham says that a former meth addiction nearly destroyed his career–and his life.

In his upcoming book, Twists and Turns, Mitcham describes how issues with anxiety, self-esteem and depression led him down a bumpy road of drug use and, eventually, dependence. In his book, to be released Monday, Mitcham says that through the help of 12-step program Narcotic Anonymous and the support of friends and family, he was able to come to terms with his addiction and is now managing as a drug-free athlete.

Matt Mitcham’s story is that like many that have used drugs or alcohol as a way to try to escape only to find that in life once drugs and alcohol become the most important part of your life you eventually go into a downward spiral until one day you realize that this is not what you want and you decide to get help and make a commitment to get better. Looking at Matt Mitcham you would never know he was an addict.You would think here is a guy living his dream how could he allow drugs to nearly destroy that dream? Mitcham stated he knew the dangers of Meth yet did it anyway and now he hopes to share his story so others won’t start or if they end up addicted that they seek help and get on a path to recovery.

 In September of 2012 in celebration of National Recovery Month, a FREE Membership Site dedicated to providing resources and a place for mothers of addicts to share without shame, named a person of the day in an effort to show that many have gone down the path of addiction and many have come out of this path and today thrive in their personal and professional life. If you have a success story please visit and share.

In The Rooms, by Richie Supa –

Richie Supa is a New York singer/songwriter with over 200 cuts and 5 solo albums to his name. With over 50 million records sold, artists who have recorded Supas songs include Bon Jovi, Aerosmith, Ozzy Osborne, Mika, Pink and legendary artists such as Johnny Winter, Tom Jones, Air Supply, Glen Campbell, Willie Nelson, to name a few. Supa has been a behind-the-scenes voice in the legendary rock band Aerosmith for years, including being a touring member. He co-wrote several of their number one rock hits including Chip Away The Stone, “Lightning Strikes,” Pink and Amazing. Richie co-wrote with Richie Sambora on his most recent solo album and tours with Sambora on his solo project.

I found this video and wanted to share it as it shows that there is hope for those that find them on the addiction path. There is a power in all of us to change. Visit for more information and more messages of hope.

 Celine Dion and Andrea Bocelli deliver a message of hope in their song The Prayer.

There are many stories of those who have overcome addiction and each one gives those struggling with the fact that they have an addict in their family a glimmer of hope that the addict will want to heal themself and get clean and then thrive. If you have a story of triumph over addiction please share it.

There are many books that you can read that will give you strength and hope that the person in the grips of addiction will overcome and thrive.


The key is to realize that there is hope and through resources you can find support to deal with having an addict in your family.  Remember you are not alone and hope prevails. I know in some cases the addict has lost their battle and it is hard to deal with the loss, however there are ways you can be a beacon of hope for someone just by sharing your story or supporting local non-profit  addiction centers or programs. I leave you today with a video that I hope will assist you in the challenges that you may be facing as you journey through the issues of having an addict in your family.





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