Addiction: Obama And Romney We Have A Problem!!!


Addiction: Obama And Romney We Have A Problem!!

As the elections approaches in November I begin to ponder which one of these guys is going to truly address a major issue that is plaguing our country and that is the issue of addiction. They both claim to have a healthcare plan, however will there plan fund prevention programs? Prevention Programs such as Drug and Alcohol Resistance Education have proven to work as it reduces the occurences of drug and alcohol use amongst children. Will their plan fund treatment and make it easily accessible when it is needed. Many parents are not in a position to spend $20,000 for a 30 day program and thus try to solve the issue of addiction on their own, when if a third-party arbitrator could be involved it would help.


Addiction: Obama And Romney We Have A Problem And A Solution

One of the reasons we have had issues with addiction is the stigma that our society puts on the label of addiction.People point fingers and blame the parents, society, lack of guidance, the socio-economic situation, lack of consequences when the real problem is accountability. It is when we begin to make people accountable for their actions that we can see effective change taking place. When congress begins to look at issues and says we are in need of programs to help alleviate addiction in our country and we are accountable for the issues created with addiction.  We can implement as many laws to regulate the manufacturer and distribution of drugs both legal and illegal, however if you do not have people to enforce the laws than these laws are not effective.  The solution is simple take those who are unemployed and train them to be counselors and  enforcement officers. Where will the money come from you ask? The answer is from sources like drug court, auction of properties seized during a drug raid, the reassignment of funds from funding other countries to taking caring of our own country first.

In every 12 step program it is stated that recognizing that you have a problem and now is the time to say Hey America, We Have A Problem? That Problem is Addiction and it needs to be in the forefront of the issues so that we can alleviate the problems that it is creating.  Once we realize we have the problem we can take reasonable steps to address the problem. Drug addiction knows no boundaries as it crosses all races and all socio-economic plains. In a society where many people seek short cuts they get caught up in the vicious cycle of addiction until one day they say Enough is Enough.  In the Movie Network there is a scene where the radio announcer says got to you windows and say I am mad as hell and I am not going take it anymore.

 This scene is as poignant today as it was during the time that the movie was made. It is when you get mad that you get the motivation to take action. Anger is also part of the healing process. Anger turns to action, actiom turns to recovery so take some action and let all those running for office or seeking reelection that you want them to realize that we have a problem in America called addiction.

Addiction: Tools To Let Obama And Romney Know We Have A Problem

There are many way to address the issue of addiction and to make Obama, Romney and all legislatures know that you are concerned.

1: Make a video telling your story and how funding for prevention and treatment are needed.

2: Write letter to the campaign headquarters asking questions on how they will be addressing the issue of addiction

3: Start a petition drive to increase funding for prevention and treatment.

4: Host rallies and tape the rally to show the importance of funding prevention and treatment

5: Support non-profit and low-cost treatment centers

6: Stand up and let your voice be heard.

7: Visit and share your story

Yes America we have a problem and it is up to each of us to address it and take action.





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