Addiction: Spirituality A Path To Prevention And Recovery


Addiction: Spirituality A Path To Prevention And Recovery

Many studies published in The National Journal On Alcohol and Drug Abuse show that  having some form of spirituality in your life can lessen the chances of addiction and even prevent drug use in the first place. I have found that when you bring up the concept of spirituality and being connected to source that many times people are skeptical because they do not understand the concept. We are not speaking hocus pocus here we are speaking about recognizing your divinity and the divinity of others and being a lifter and an encourager. For parents it starts from the moment the baby comes out of the womb as you now have a responsibility to be a nurturer and a protector. When you child shows an interest is something such as art, drama, music, or sports, do not tell them it cam not be done tell them to do their best and regardless of what happens you will be there to support them emotionally and spiritually. Most children are searching for love and acceptance without judgement and they will find it somewhere. If you have rituals in your home like waking up early and preparing for the day by listening to meditative music or exercising than this should be instilled at a young age. The child may not like it or understand it, however after a while if presented properly they will come to accept it.

SI: The K... In the movie The New Karate Kid, The Character Dre Parker is frustrated by the retentiveness of taking his jacket on and off and throwing it on the floor and hanging it up and Mr.Hong then shows him what each motion means and as they journey through the training Dre begins to understand the idea of focus and begins to accept the teachings on Mr.Hong. There are many emotional scenes in this movie and one can see the trials and tribulations that are overcome with spiritual teachings. I know life is not a movie however in life when you begin to understand spirituality you begin to see that you can prevent certain issues and if those issues arise you can recover from them.

 For many who view this photo they will see words on rocks for others they will see words that instill action to create a spiritual and quiet environment in their life as they move forward in their quest to prevent addiction or to recover from addiction.  You will notice there are 7 rocks, one for each day of the week. For example on Monday you grab  the rock that says blessings and you place it in your pocket and you meditate on the meaning before you go out into the world and then when issues arise you view them as blessings. You may ask how having an addicted son or daughter is a blessing? The answer is that have a child of any kind is a blessing, by having an addicted child it gives you a chance to help them overcome adversity and it gives you a chance to share your story so other parents will know they are not alone. It also gives you the impetus to become a voice for prevention and recovery in your community.

Addiction: Spirituality Tools To Get You On A Path To Prevention and Recovery

I have often found that music can help you to make a spiritual connection and to rediscover yourself as you face the challenges of everyday life

Books such as the following may be helpful in your quest to incorporate spirituality into your life as you face the challenges of addiction that has come into your life.


The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz has helped many people make a positive shift in their life to prevent the use of drugs and alcohol and to truly recover and thrive.


I have also found that placing affirmations and quotes  where you can see them also helps. Sharing affirmations with others to encourage them also helps in their quest to become clean and sober.



There are many ways to integrate spirituality into your daily life and it is not a difficult task all it takes is for you to discover your divinity and recognize the divinity in others.








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