Addiction: Staying Calm Cool and Collected!!!!


Addiction: Staying Calm Cool and Collected!!!

  Today I have a lesson learned from my dealing with Verizon Wireless that will translate very nicely for parents dealing with addicted children and how to face the challenges of having an addicted child head on. It all started the other day when my battery for my Droid Razr swelled and began creating issues. As many of us have experienced our lives today often revolve around the cell phone as it has become the main source of connection for us. I went to a Verizon Store only to find out  that it was a third-party dealer for Verizon and they couldn’t help me. I was told go to the service center which I did only t find out it wasn’t a service center but a Verizon Corporate Store. Upon entering I explained the situation and was told well you need to buy a new phone as your phone is no longer in warranty and the fact that I didn’t have insurance on the phone I would have to buy a new phone at the retail price. Upon hearing this I stated calmly there must be something you could do to which the reply was no I can’t call customer service. I called customer service explained the situation and by the end of the phone call I had a new phone at no charge. All I had to do is pay the upgrade fee. The phone is being shipped to me later this week. Now you might ask what does this have to do with dealing with our addicted children. The answers are this when dealing with your addicted child be patient, remain, calm, cool, and collected and you will achieve the desired outcome that you want.  In some cases when seeking treatment you may be told people can not help you and there is nothing they can do. Instead of getting angry take a breath and calmly ask them to search out other alternatives. This may take time however in the long run you can find the assistance you seek to help face the challenges of having an addicted child.

 In dealing with Verizon I thought of the 12 steps and many applied as I accepted there was a problem, the phone had to be fixed. With addiction the person must be fixed. I forgave the man who said he couldn’t assist me, I prayed to GOD to help me keep calm to resolve the problem, I then thanked GOD for resolving the problem. The 12 steps can apply to every aspect of your life as you move forward in a positive direction of reclaiming your power and stepping into your greatness.  It took much self-control to not get angry today at the Verizon Sales Person, however getting angry would not have reached a pleasant solution. Getting angry never serves us and only accelerates the negative aspects of the situation. When dealing with your addict you have the opportunity to step back and breathe and come from a calm, cool, and collected point of view. The addict may be upset when they contact you, they may point fingers, play the blame game, and try to manipulate you however if you step into your power in a calm manner you may deflect the challenge that this contact has created. A hard  thing to do is to say from day one,  when the issue of drug and alcohol use rears its ugly head is to set boundaries like if you don’t stop using you don’t receive the privileges that I have afforded to you. If the problem gets worse and your addict becomes an adult upon them turning 18 you set boundaries that if not followed consequences are enforced.

To many times a parent will get angry and thus make the situation that the addict created worse. I have written many times before you didn’t create the problem, you can not control the problem, and you aren’t going to cure the problem. In the book The Harder They Fall the authors share stories of addicts that have overcome the demons and gone on to lead productive lives.  Sometimes handing the addict a book like this in a calm fashion and stating you can read this or not read this the choice is yours, my hope is that you read and decide to get clean, whatever your choice is I will love you.

Addiction: Tools To Stay Calm Cool And Collected!!!

 I have found that reading passage from Mary Morrisey’s The Miracle Minute. Rev. Dr. Dee Adio-Moses’ Book Heal Your Life, and writing in a gratitude journal to be great tools to help stay centered and grounded while becoming calm, cool, and collected.

 Meditation videos and music such as this have proven to be a great help in dealing with the challenges of life as you continue to find ways to remain calm, cool, and collected when dealing with your addicted child.

 It is my hope that this week you will be able to stand tall in facing the challenges of having an addicted child and that you will remain calm, cool, and collected as you find the positive result that you desire. If you have a story to share please visit Until next time remember to Stay Positive. Unleash Your Power and Your Greatness!!!



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