Addiction: Stop The Madness!!!


Addiction: Stop The Madness!!!!

by Jonathan Lederman – Media Director – The Addict’s  Mom

As I began to write this entry and research the concept of stopping the madness that is happening all around us I stumbled upon a website called Stop The Madness National,, and there was a message from President Obama about education.

 President Obama delivers a message about education in an effort to Stop The Madness.

As I explored the website I began to think these activities could be implemented by groups of parents to empower and inspire the youth of our country before they even start to use drugs or alcohol.

As I continued to research for the blog entry I found this video with a message to stop the madness!
  One way we can stop the madness is to change the way we look at drug and alcohol prevention. Instead of saying I am anti-drugs and alcohol say I am pro health and begin to illustrate healthy choices to others.  The first part of healthy is heal and by healing ourselves and others we begin to stop the madness. It is when we begin to face the problem and accept that there is a problem that we begin to stop the madness. Many times it is when we understand that we may be part of the problem and that what we have done in the past is not working that we stop the madness.

Addiction: Tools To Stop The Madness

Once we commit to stopping the madness we must then find  the tools to use to help stop the madness.

 On way to stop the madness is to join the global online community helping mothers of addicts to share without shame while finding resources and seeing that they are not alone at  Every month this group sponsors a conference call to help stop the madness.

     Books are always a good tool to help stop the madness.The more you read and the more you apply the less madness you face.

  Exploring your spirituality and renewing your passion is another way to stop the madness. The more you seek the answers from within the more in tune with your authentic self you become and the more joy you bring into your life by simply stopping the madness.  I always recommend that to stop the madness you must first get in tune with yourself and discover the fruits of spirit.

 You will see they are love, joy, godliness, patience, peace, self-control, faithfulness, gentleness, kindness. These 9 traits when displayed go a long way in stopping the madness. Imagine a scenario where you are talking with the addict and you are displaying these traits and everything goes smooth. You have the power to stop the madness it is up to you.

Addiction: Those Who Have Stopped The Madness

There are many stories of those who have stopped the madness of addiction and that now live a clean and sober life filled with joy and abundance. Knowing that there are people who have stopped the madness gives us all hope that for those that have living addicts in their life that one day they will stop. The key to stopping the madness is understanding that until the addict wants to stop we are powerless over their actions and only responsible for our own.

 A testimonial for Shokat Ali from a patient who has overcome their addiction.

 Alfred Milan promotes his book Undercover Addict which delivers a message of hope to help stop the madness.


I chose to find regular  everyday people as opposed to celebrities because if we are to stop the madness we will need to focus on helping every day people.

 As you stop the madness be a lifter and raise people up. You possess a great power to change and make the world a better place for all those affected by addiction. This week find ways to raise people up and to stop the madness and then share your thoughts here under comments.






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