Addiction: The Three Rs – Reflect, Relax, Rejuvenate!!!


Addiction: The 3 Rs – Reflect, Relax, Rejuvenate!!!

 This Michael Jackson song, Man In The Mirror, is the first song I think of when I think about reflection as it all starts with ourselves. It is when we take a deep look at who we truly are and discover our authentic self and embrace this that we can be of assistance to the addict. In order to be of assistance to the addict the addict must be open to receive. If you want to change the situation you must take steps to reflect and then commit to change.  It is through reflection that we can find the root cause of the situation and then begin to plant new seeds and create a harvest of joy and abundance. This is not an easy thing to do as it takes courage to recognize your own faults and to work on being a better person when dealing with the fact that you have an addicted child.

 It is through reflection that you can move forward to improve the situation that having an addicted child has created. In many cases it is when we stop blaming ourselves and forgive ourselves that we are able to detach with love from the addict and realize that when they are ready to heal themselves they will. Hopefully the decision to get help will come in time so they can turn things around and have a productive life. The fact of the matter is that when you reflect and realize that you did the best you could with the tools you had you will be able to move forward and help yourself and your other family members.  As you do your reflection exercises be it through meditation, keeping a journal, saying prayers, writing forgiveness letters, attending support group meetings, or sharing at www.addictsmom.com, you may want to suggest to the addict that they do the same. Keep in mind the addict will only do the reflection exercises when they are ready and see the value of doing the reflection exercises.

 Frankie Goes To Hollywood reinforces the idea to relax in this 80’s classic Relax (Don’t Do It). It gives us the lesson of taking our time to think things trough and to breathe before we take action. In many cases we are so wound up by the actions of the addict that we act out and thus escalate the situation making it worse for ourselves instead of stepping back and slowing things down or simply saying I would like to discuss with you, however I must ask you to do this  when you are calmer  so we can both be helped by this discussion. The greatest way to relax is to simply take a deep cleansing breath and let the negative emotional charges go. There are many ways to relax you can simply find a quiet spot in nature and sit for a while just allowing thoughts to flow in and out. You can meditate. You can journal. You can take a walk. The key to is put yourself in a relaxed state of mind when dealing with the addict so as to not allow them to upset your inner peace. It is when you come to grips with the fact that there is really nothing you can do for the addict until they decide to be fully committed to getting clean that you are able to relax and move forward with your life. So many times I read the stories in The Addict’s Mom Facebook Group and I realize that being the parent of an addict is tough because as a parent you want to rescue your child, unfortunately you can not rescue them until they are ready. So in the meantime relax and do the best you can with the tools you have.

 After you reflect and accept the fact that you have an addicted child and there is not much you can do until they are ready to commit to recovery you can relax and begin to understand that you must move forward and then you can rejuvenate so as to be of service and value to yourself and others. The rejuvenation process is one in which you find ways to strengthen your mind, body, and soul. It can be done by listening to calming music such as the music in the video. It can be done by picking a quote and meditating on the quote to get clarity. You can work out. You can take a warm soothing bath. You may want to purchase some stones and crystals to carry with you that have rejuvenation properties. The key is to make sure you are putting positive energy forward as you continue to deal with the fact that you have an addicted child.

Addiction: Tools To Reflect, Relax, and Rejuvenate!!!

  Books such as these can be helpful in your quest to reflect, relax, and rejuvenate.

  Connecting with people such as Kathleen Matchunis of www.connectinginc.net, Beverly Buncher of Be A Loving Mirror, or Barbara Theodosiou of www.addictsmom.com will help you to find ways to communicate better as well as being equipped to reflect, relax. and rejuvenate.

http://youtu.be/c7mltTaIdUU This link will bring you to a song that will help you get centered and grounded while you reflect, relax, and rejuvenate. Music is often the great healer.

 As you begin to practice the 3 Rs – Reflection, Relaxation, and Rejuvenation remember to stay positive.




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