Addiction: Underage Drinking, Heroin,Bon Jovi: Things That Make You Say WTH!!!!


Addiction: Underage Drinking, Heroin, Bon Jovi:Things That Make You Say WTH!



As I began to research for today’s entry I typed in to Bing Addiction In The News and the first thing that struck a chord was Underage Drinking Still An Issue Across The Nation. This did not surprise me as this is something that has been going on for ages. The question is why do most kids under 21 choose to drink. Some say all my friends are drinking and I want to fit in, which is where we as adults must make them feel important and comfortable enough to not give into the idea of fitting in. Some of the kids will sy I enjoy it, it relaxes me this is where you begin to teach alternatives like meditation, exercise, journaling, and other ways other than drinking.


The fact that most kids who do drink start at age 12 really made me say what the hell, then I remembered the story of me at The Passover Sedar, drinking all the left over wine and instead of the adults stepping in and stopping me they all said look how cute little Jonathan is getting drunk. This is where the issue starts for most kids they are allowed to drink and then they do stupid things and instead of being held accountable for their actions they are encouraged.  The key is to look for the warning signs and then begin to communicate with your children. There were many parties in my youth where there was drinking involved and in many cases the parents were at the parties and they said go ahead and you can sleep over in many cases the parents bought and provided the beer. The parents allowed this to happen and then years later wondered why many of the kids had issues associated with alcohol use. There are those that say if we didn’t have a drinking age and if we didn’t make alcohol taboo that the incidences of alcohol related issues would decrease. The key is how you as a parent deal with the issue of your child drinking. The issue of alcohol use is quite complex because we tend to glorify it as stated in a previous blog entry. I personally stopped using alcohol at age 27 as my doctor informed me of the damage I had already done to my body and how the continued use of alcohol could further hurt me. I now go out and my drink of choice is water or unsweetened iced tea.

 Saying no is a personal choice and it is something that a parent can not make for their child. A parent can guide their child and do things to discourage the use of alcohol, however the child much make the choice not to use. Until we stop the glorification of alcohol we will continue to have an issue with underage drinking.


The daughter of famous rock singer Jon Bon Jovi was found unresponsive by a dorm mate at her New York college this morning.

Apparently Stephanie Rose Bongiovi, 19, overdosed on heroin and is now facing criminal charges after being arrested. It appears she was in possession of heroin, marijuana and drug paraphernalia.

This story was published on November 14, 2012. It really got me to thinking if a famous dad can’t stop his child from using how can someone not famous without the resources of Jon Bon Jovi do it. The answer is simple if a child is going to use they are going to use and there is nothing you as a parent can do about it. You can tell them all the dangers, the reasons not to use, you can get them involved in activities that they are passionate about, however even if you do what is considered all the right things if they desire to use they will use.

People say why do they do it knowing the damage it will do?  There are many reasons they want to fit in, they don’t have a self-worth, they use it as a rebellion, and some use because they lack the coping mechanisms to deal with life head on.

These are the things that make you say What The Heck.

Addictions: Tools To Combat Those Things That Make You Say What The Heck!!!

We know that the problems of underage drinking and drug use are complex and intertwined with the psychological make-up of a child and that they will not be solved overnight. The fact that many celebrities and their children are using and being talked about in the news brings the problem of addiction into the forefront, however there are many who still do not want to admit that their child has a problem because of the stigma that is associated with the fact that their child is an addict.

 An online community like is helpful as it gives a mother of an addict a place to share without shame and to see that she is not alone.

    Programs like D.A.R.E. help to quell the use of alcohol by those underage. Talking to children about what alcohol and drug use can do is perhaps the most effective way to have them never start. As a parent you can take it a step further and recommend that someone who lost a large part of their life to drugs and alcohol come speak to the children. If you are to truly combat the problem of drug and alcohol use in our society  we must begin a dialogue with children at an early age.


Books are generally a good resource and if you and your child read them together and discuss them you will begin to help them as they deal with the issues they face brought on because of drugs and alcohol. If you do a Bing of Google search for Addiction Recovery Books you will find many to choose from. I suggest that you find the one that will resonate with you and your child.

 Finding a recovery coach like David Essel or Beverly Buncher can help your child and you to overcome the thing that make you say What The Heck?

Many songs will help you to help your child to overcome the issues associated with their drug and alcohol use.

 As you begin to combat the issues of addiction become educated and find the tools to help you and your family.




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