Addiction: Waiting For A Joyful Noise!!!!


Addiction: Waiting For A Joyful Noise!!!


As I sat down this morning to read Rev. Dr. Dee Adio Moses book Heal Your Life With Daily Prayer and Affirmations, the passage for today spoke of singing praises to GOD and having good things happen for you.  The n I turned to Mary Manin Morrissey’s book The Miracle Minute and the entry for today was about bringing joy to others. I then wrote in my gratitude journal and one of the things I was grateful for was the joy that was being put into my life. I then began to think about the scene from the Movie, The Bucket List, where Jack Nicholson’s Character and Morgan Freeman’s Character are speaking about what happens when you die and Morgan Freeman’s Character says there are two questions you must answer did you live a life of joy and did your life bring joy to others for everything else is meaningless.


As I began to reflect on the reading and the scene in the film I began to ask how many of the parents that will read this today are waiting to hear a joyful noise? How many moms and dads will take care of the challenge they are facing of having an addicted child?  As I visited, a FREE Membership Site dedicated to helping mothers of addicted children by giving them a place to share without shame, find resources, and see that they are not alone, I began to read the messages an many had a common thread of wishing that the addiction would go away? Many commented that they had heard the joyful noise they were waiting for as their addicted child was now clean and doing well. The greatest joyful noise that a parent of an addict can hear from their child is I am getting help and I am working the program. When the addict decides that they no longer want to use and they make an effort to work a program and they make progress they begin to heal and thus make the healing process for the parent a bit easier thus creating the joyful noise that everyone is seeking.


The most joyful noise would be that addiction has been eradicated as people no longer produce heroin, cocaine, marijuana, alcohol, meth, and other drugs that continue to ruin lives. Drug and alcohol use is a choice and is often a way of masking the true underlying issues that are troubling your child. One way to combat addiction is to communicate effectively with your child and if they start using deal with it immediately, if they continue to use set boundaries and consequences, if they continue to use after that get them some help. If they refuse help get them court ordered to seek help. Once they are 18 you have to have the strength and courage to let them go. This is a tough choice, however in many cases it leads to the awakening that the addict needs and everyone then hears that joyful noise that they have turned their life around.

Addiction: The Road To Hearing A Joyful Noise!!!

 September is National Recovery Month and during this month many joyful noises are heard from those who have faced down their demons and become productive members of society.

People in recovery made a conscious choice to get on the road to create a joyful noise by recognizing they had a problem and as a result committed to  following a program  and sticking to it.  Parents of those in recovery share the commonality that they set boundaries and stuck to them and made a commitment to themselves to get healthy in mind, body, and soul by focusing on themselves and other family members instead of revolving their life around the addict.

The road to hearing a joyful noise is long, however when you hear the words I am _________ and I have been clean for __________ it is a joyful noise. There are many tools to put into your tool box to accomplish hearing that joyful noise.

 Books such as these can inspire you and give hope that one day you will hear that joyful noise that your son or daughter has decided to turn their life around and get clean and sober.

 Quotes and affirmations can serve as the catalyst to hear that joyful noise of sobriety.

Addiction:  Sobriety A True Joyful Noise!!!!

The joyful noise of being able to hear your child say I am clean and sober and making better choices and I thank you for showing me the way is probably the best gift of a parent of an addicted child can hear. Stay Positive Today!!!!





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