Addiction: Why The War On Drugs Is Failing?


Addiction: Why The War On Drugs Is Failing?

 This quote by Carl Jung explains why The War On Drugs Is Failing. It is that simple what you resist persists and tends to become a controlling factor.

     The war on drugs is failing because it is actually a war on society and people for many people in power do not want to solve the problem of drug abuse as it has become a big cash cow for them. Just look at this paradigm we are spending millions of dollars in Afghanistan to protect poppy fields which lead to drug production which leads to the destruction of people and thus allows those who wish to exploit others to stay in power. We are so busy fighting the war on drugs that we continue to create resistance and thus drug abuse persists. Think about it  when you found out your son or daughter  was an addict, what was the first thing you said?  You probably expressed a disdain for you were fearful and you began to ask what did I do wrong? The answer is simple you didn’t do anything wrong. If someone wants to use they are going to use. If someone wants to stop using they will stop using, however as long as drugs and alcohol are readily available there will always be abuse. By declaring war on anything you only make the situation worse.

The war on drugs has been failing for over 42 years because of many factors:

We have not delved into the what makes a person use. We can speculate that they wanted to be accepted and their peer group was using and their low self-esteem led them to use for they weren’t strong enough to walk away and lead their own life. No one can force you to do something you do not want to do if you are strong in mind, body, and soul. When we understand the psychology of addiction we can begin to be proactive.

 The people in power made it a platform and gave lip service to the idea of drugs affecting an entire society instead of truly educating people and creating resources. I often joke when was the last time a little green pill came up to you and said eat me. Kids are so fearful of what their peers will think if they say no and do not go along that they often take that little green pill and then they continue for their body chemistry changes and their mental capacity changes and they become dependent on that little green pill and saying no becomes more difficult.

 Many times we ignore the problem and when it rears its ugly head we begin to make excuses instead of dealing with it head on. By doing this we only make the situation worse. In some cases we ignore our kids and we don’t communicate with them so they turn to the drugs feeling like hey if I get in trouble and do something bad then I will get attention. Kids don’t care if you give them positive or negative attention all they want to know is that you care. Today make it a point to communicate with your child and do your best to have a meaningful conversation.

Addiction: Tools To End The War On Drugs!

 This is a sign that every parent of an addict wants to place in their home. There are tools to use to make this sign a reality.

1:  Interact with your children and do your best to vibrate on their frequency. Remember they only know what they have been taught and they view you as the parent who doesn’t know anything and that has never been a kid. If you spend so much time trying to convince them that you are in charge you will only create more issues.

2:   facing reality and sharing with the reading of books such as these can help in ending your personal war on drugs.

3:  Getting the addict help if they truly want to get clean and sober and make a productive life for themselves.

4:  Be aware of the behaviors you are modeling for your children.

5:  Don’t just say or post these affirmations but instill them in your children. Be the lifter in their life. Be the parent that they feel they can come to with anything at any time and you will give them the guidance that they seek.

6:  Be honest with your kids. Let them know if there are issues in the home especially if it concerns drug and alcohol use.

7:   Go back to the spiritual teachings of The Bible and share it with your children so that they may be righteous in their pursuit of their purpose.

8:  Express peace, love, and happiness in what you do so as to be a model for your children and others to see.

9:   Remind yourself and your child that you are divine creations of GOD and God wants you to be happy and healthy and to make good positive decisions that will enhance your personal and professional life.

10: Sharing videos such as this one by Marianne Williamson can help you to be a lifter for your children and thus put you and your child on a path to positivity.

 This week do your best to shift the paradigm and make a positive difference in the quest to help those affected by alcohol and drug abuse.




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