Addiction: You Are Not Alone!!!


Addiction: You Are Not Alone!!!!


 As I prepared for the day today I heard this rendition of You’ll Never Walk Alone by Barbara Streisand and thought about all the parents who have addicted children. I began to think how you are not alone in your challenge and desire to have your child become clean and sober. I then visited www.addictsmom.com and The Addict’s Mom Facebook page and saw the similarity of patterns of dealing with this cycle of addiction. As I saw some of the troubling stories I also saw many stories of hope dealing with the turn around the addict has made to become clean and sober as they stay on the path or recovery.  The important fact is to realize you are not the only one dealing with this as addiction has become a great health concern in our society.

 Once you accept the fact that your child is an addict and there really isn’t much you can do about it you will be able to move forward in a positive direction to get back on track with your life. The key is to accept the fact that your child is an addict and to understand you are not alone. After accepting the fact that your child is an addict do not try to figure out why or how it happened understand that there are groups you can turn to  in order to get yourself help to cope with this situation. By understanding that the addict made choices that were perhaps brought on by their perception of how they were treated you remove the problem of playing the blame game.  In many cases it is the attitude you bring to the situation that will determine the outcome. Take a step back and evaluate your behavior and see how it is affecting the behavior of those around you. Ask yourself how are my actions serving me in a positive way?  One phrase I always recommend to people is: In the past and up until now I had a problem with (fill in the blank), starting today I will (fill in the blank) to move forward in a positive direction.


Addiction: Tools To Help You See That You Are Not Alone!!!

 I have found sharing and discussing bible verses and how they have helped you to cope with the fact that your child is an addict helps to alleviate the pain and see that you are not alone.

Music always seems to be a source of strength to reinforce the fact that you are not alone.


Books are often great teachers to show us that we are not alone.



Addiction: Sharing Is Caring: You Are Not Alone


 This week share your story and find others who have a similar story to share.


If you are seeking support visit www.addictsmom.com, where you can share without shame, find resources, and see that you are not alone. Remember that together everyone accomplishes more. Until next time Stay Positive.



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