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Addiction: Stop The Madness!!!

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Addiction: Stop The Madness!!!!

by Jonathan Lederman – Media Director – The Addict’s  Mom

As I began to write this entry and research the concept of stopping the madness that is happening all around us I stumbled upon a website called Stop The Madness National,, and there was a message from President Obama about education.

 President Obama delivers a message about education in an effort to Stop The Madness.

As I explored the website I began to think these activities could be implemented by groups of parents to empower and inspire the youth of our country before they even start to use drugs or alcohol. Read More→

Addiction: Where to Turn, A Time For Every Purpose Under Heaven

 You have just gotten the news that someone you are close to is an addict and you wonder where can I turn? You go through many emotions wondering what you did wrong, then you feel shame that you have a son or daughter that is an addict, then you wrap yourself up in their addiction shutting yourself off from the world until one day you decide to do something. When you wake up you are left with the same question where to I turn?

One of the first places to turn is to the scriptures as their is solace, comfort, and direction to be found in many passages from The Bible and The Torah. The lessons give guidance as to the action steps to take. A great starting point is Ecclasiates 3:1

 Many will ask why my son or daughter has this problem and what purpose does it serve. For one mother, Barbara Theodosiou, it served the purpose of giving mothers like her a forum to share without shame, to show that together they are stronger, and that the mother is special, as she has two sons affected by addiction one who is in recovery and the other who is still deep into his addiction. Her hope is that one day her son who is deep into his addiction will be clean and on a path to success. Her desire to tell her story has led to the formation of The Addict’s Mom, which now has a free membership site  at  Her journey continues to inspire and empower other mothers as they deal with the challenges of having an addicted child.

 The Byrds remind us that there is a time for every purpose under heaven.


Addiction: What Is Your Purpose?

In searching for your purpose you may ask what is my purpose in my son or daughter’s addiction? The purpose you may feel you have may not be the true purpose and this may lead to conflict as you ask what is my purpose?  Many times we feel it is our purpose to rescue you the addict and we keep throwing good money after bad or we continue to support the behavior because we believe we are doing the right thing when in reality you are making the problem worse. Think about it if a fire breaks out do you add more gasoline or do you use something to put it out. When you give money, when you buy clothes, when you continue to reward the bad behavior you are throwing gasoline on the fire. When you let the addict know that you will be there to help emotionally and not financially you are doing something to put the fire out.

 Bonnie Tyler’s song Total Eclipse of The Heart gives some direction in finding your purpose. Many times it is by turning around and looking inside and finding a partner to support you emotionally so you have a place or someone to turn to.


 Rick Warren’s book The Purpose Driven Life has helped many find their purpose and  thus enabled them to face the challenges of having an addicted child.

 Many times a tool like Doreen Virtue’s Life Purpose Oracle cards can help you in facing the adversity of having an addicted child.

 Sonia Choquette Soul Lessons and Sould Purpose cards can be a help to finding answers to question about where you are and where you are going in your dealings with your addicted child.

 Many times the answer as to where to turn is blowing in the wind as we make time to relax through meditation and listening to the messages as we connect with nature to find our purpose in dealing with addiction and other issues in our life.

Anthony Robbins delivers a powerful message about purpose and clarity.

As you  continue to find places to turn you will begin to discover the purpose and realize that there is a time for every purpose under heaven.

There are many places to turn and many resources available to you as you continue to deal with having an addicted child.

 Many times the place to turn is back to the scriptures.


A and E Intervention

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Contributed by Addict’s Mom member RACHEL BENJAMIN

If you are a mother of an addict and have not watched A and E Intervention, I highly recommend that you do. It can be heartbreaking and possibly hit very close to home for many but there is something than can be learned from every episode.

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