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Addiction: It Is Laundry Time!!!

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Addiction: It Is Laundry Time!!!

Have you ever put off doing your laundry and allowed it to pile up and then you have this sense of overwhelm and you continue to make excuses until one day you finally decide that it is time to do the laundry. This describes what many parents and family members go through when dealing with an addict. Addiction has reached nearly pandemic levels in America and yet like the laundry piling  law makers and others continue to make excuses and let it continue to pile up. It is time that everyone affected by addiction stood up and said it is time to do the laundry. Now you may be asking with all the loads of laundry to do where do we start? The answer is put in the first load and do one load at a time. If we are to cleanse our country of addiction we must first look at the root cause of addiction and that is the reason drugs are so prevalent and readily available in our neighborhoods. One is because there is money to be made another is because so many people are looking for love and acceptance and turn to the drugs and the drug culture because of the lack of love and acceptance they perceive to be receiving.

 Another reason drug and alcohol use is increasing in our society is that those using have not developed the mental acuity to judge and see consequences.  A persons judgmental skills and critical thinking skills develops from the age of 12-22. During this period of time of the neurons of the brain do not connect with the frontal lobes due to drug and alcohol use and abuse the person gets stuck in that mental age for life. Imagine dealing with a an addict at age 25 who has the mental capacity of a 16 year old. This addict may not understand that it is time to do the laundry and to clean up their act as they are still acting out of impulse and not thinking of consequences. The only way to combat this is to do the laundry and make sure you are actively involved in your child’s life. Remember you are not here to be their friend you are here to guide them and develop them.

 When doing our laundry we have a regiment wash, dry, fold, put away. When dealing with an addict you must also have a regiment. Set boundaries, keep boundaries, be loving, take care of yourself first before taking care of the addict. The best thing would be if you never had an addicted child for all those that had influence over your child would have washed them of all their negativity that led to them using drugs.  The child would have been dried and their mindset would have been one of staying away from drugs. The child would have been folded into a group that lifted them and made them feel loved and accepted without the use of drugs. The child would have been put away clean every night and woke up every morning with a sense of purpose. Unfortunately this did not happen and you have an addict as a child so it is time to do the laundry. Read More→

Addiction: Substitution Good Or Bad?

  It seems as in America the trend amongst doctors dealing with addiction is to subscribe to the philosophy of better living through chemistry. It appears that there is a supposed miracle pill for every ailment including addiction. The latest buzz in the addiction treatment field is Suboxone, generically known as buprenorphine and naloxone. It has become so popular that pharmacies are offering coupons for Suboxone.  Many argue that Suboxone is just substituting one drug for another and isn’t an effective treatment as it never truly gets to the root of the addiction. Others argue that it is very effective and that they have had great results.

 Dr. James Schaller is a proponent of using Suboxone and has written his findings in this book.

Many others on the other side point to the side effects and suggest alternative treatments. Read More→


Addiction: Moving Right Along!!!!

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Addiction: Moving Right Along!!!!


 Today’s post was inspired by The Muppet Movie and the song Moving Right Along as it speaks of the adversity that Kermit and Fozzy Bear faced on their travels but they just kept moving right along. This lead me to reflect on all the posts I read at and in The Addict’s Mom groups on Facebook and I discovered that everyone has a similar challenge when it comes to addiction and that is dealing with the addict and the addicts behavior. As you face the challenge of having an addicted child you must understand that you did not create the problem, you can not control the problem, and you will not cure the problem and thus you should commit to moving right along. Now the question is how do you keep moving right along? The answer is accept there is a problem, face the problem, do the best you can with the resources you have, and understand that until the addict gets that rude awakening that their choices are not serving them in a positive manner they are not going to change. Once you begin to come to grips with the fact that your child is an addict and there isn’t really much you can do you will begin to have the ability to move right along. A recent study shows that 1 in 3 (33%) of families are dealing with addiction. Unfortunately because of the stigma associated with having an addicted child not many parents come forward to share and when they do many times they are ostracized from the community.  In an ideal situation a parent would recognize that their child was using drugs and/or alcohol and would be able to sit down and have a rational conversation about where the use of drugs and alcohol often lead and the child would have the where with all to understand that the parent is doing what is in the best interest of the child. The reality is that it doesn’t work that way because the parent is so concerned about being right and the child feels like they are being picked on that communication breaks down. Then there is the parental factor that you want your kids to like you so you give and give until you can’t give anymore thus putting stress on the parent-child relationship. Understand that most children lack the capacity to fully comprehend what is happening as the brain is developing and their judgment is flawed as the critical thinking elements of the brain have not been fully developed.  Think back to when you were a child and some of the things you did without thinking then you can relate to what your child is doing. Children tend to be impulsive and just do and this makes parenting very challenging especially when the child is not respectful and does things that are morally contradictory to the values of the family. The question is what to do and how to move right along? Read More→

Addiction: Wiping Away The Tears and Moving Forward!!!!

Glee actor Cory Monteith has died at the age 31, it has been confirmed ... The news of Cory Monteith’s death from an overdose came across the TV the other day and I immediately thought another lost to drugs, Why? Cory was 31 and seemed to have it all, but that didn’t stop him from using and overdosing. I then thought of all the parents who have lost a son or daughter to drugs or alcohol and how they are wiping away the tears and moving forward. It takes a lot of courage and strength to come out and say my son or my daughter was an addict and overdosed or my son or daughter had too much to drink and decided to drive and was killed in a car crash.  The first step to wiping away the tears and moving forward is coming to grips with the loss of a child and then turning the tragedy of losing a son or daughter into a positive by educating others and stopping their children from getting caught up in the cycle of addiction.  In her book Turning Loss Into Joy Vashon Marie Sarkisian gives the reader seven steps to heal the pain.

Accepting the loss and not blaming yourself is a step to help wipe away the tears and move forward. Understanding that you did what you believed in your heart to be right is the only solace that you need. By moving forward you do not erase the pain but you find ways to ease it, be it volunteering at  a local rehab center, starting a scholarship in memory of your son or daughter,  Sharing your stories to help others, or sitting in prayer will assist you in the process of dealing with the loss of your son or daughter. Read More→


Addiction: Changing Your Attitude!!!!

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Addiction: Changing Your Attitude!!!

 Today’s blog post was inspired by Whitney Houston’s song, The Greatest Love Of All, as it helped me to shift my attitude and move forward in a positive direction. Whitney Houston was called home to GOD as a result of an overdose. Her beautiful messages delivered in song were a mask for the pain she was suffering. This led me to ask a question what pain are you masking as a result of having an addicted child? I then began to ask what challenges are being heightened because of the attitude you are showing toward the addict?
  Think about all the interactions you have with your addicted and the attitude you displayed when dealing with your child? Did you come from a position of love or a position of anger? Did you come from a position of hope or a position of fear?  When the phone rings and it is your addicted child do you cringe and say now what or do you take a deep breath and say I will be loving and supportive? When you see their name in an email do you say oh no delete or do you read and respond in a caring and loving way? The energy and attitude that you display will be the energy that you get back.  I know it is hard to do what Beverly Buncher suggests and Be a Loving Mirror. In past blog entries we touched on forgiveness, which generally leads to having a better attitude when dealing with the addict. Read More→

Addiction: Love Is Thicker Than Water!!!


 This song was written and performed by Andy Gibb, who died of what appeared to be a heart attack on March 10, 1988. It was believed that his abuse of cocaine led to his heart failing. Andy Gibb was 30 years old. This got me to thinking when are we as a nation really going to take on the issue of drug abuse? When are we going to stop glorifying celebrities like Lindsey Lohan and those who continue to make poor choices?  When  are we going to begin to focus on prevention? If your child never started using the problem of his or her addiction would not be interfering with your life and having a negative effect on your other family members.

 Andy Gibb wrote about love however as you read interviews that he conducted you would see that he didn’t love himself and felt his accomplishments were minor. This could explain his turning to cocaine for like most addicts they turn to drugs because of their lack of self-worth. They do not believe they are deserving of the best and thus they get into a self-destruction  mode and one day they are gone. May parents reading this blog know to well the feeling of loss as they have experienced it first hand and when they hear these songs they bring memories of better times.  Tracking the life of an addict that is still deep into their addiction  brings many answers but also leaves many questions?

 Parents who are dealing with an addict know this cycle all too well and do their best to break the cycle. The question is how did this start? The answer is that your child was lacking a sense of belonging and turning to drugs gave him or her what they were seeking. The next question is why did it continue? It continued because they didn’t feel a need to stop and did not realize the problems their drug use was creating. In some cases what a parent thought was loving became enabling and thus never forced the child to fend for themselves. In some cases it was just the simple fact that it was easier to blame everyone else instead of being accountable for their actions. The question remains how do you break the cycle? The answer is you do not break the cycle the addict must break the cycle. When the addict is serious about recovery then and only then is progress made. You can not guilt your child into getting better, you can not continue to through money at the problem because that doesn’t help, you can’s make excuses as that worsens the problem. The best thing you as a parent can do is to set boundaries and keep to the boundaries. The worst case scenario is that you get that knock on the door saying your child is dead can you identify the body. This happens everyday in America and it is sad because in many cases the loss could have been prevented. The best case scenario is that the addict decides that his poor choices as a result of using no longer serve him or her and they make an effort to stop and get sober and remain sober. Read More→


Addiction: Making Things Better!!!

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Addiction: Making Things Better!!!


 As I was searching for what to write about today I found this ELO Song and  it reminded me that things get better if we take the steps to make them better. Things may seem tough and you may feel distraught, however you can take solace in the knowledge that you have the power to make things better. In many cases it takes making a difficult decision such as letting go and letting GOD.  When things seem tough I recite the following so as to find strength to make things better:


 In order to make things better we must understand there are certain thing we can not change and certain things we can change. We have the power to change the way we think and react to a certain situation. We have the power to remove things and people who no longer serve us from out lives so we can make things better.  We can take the first step and realize that there is a problem and we can then choose to be part of the problem and keep adding fuel to the fire and allow it to burn out of control or we can come up with a plan to change the situation and fan the flames so that they burn out. Read More→

Addiction: Stop The Madness!!!

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Addiction: Stop The Madness!!!!

by Jonathan Lederman – Media Director – The Addict’s  Mom

As I began to write this entry and research the concept of stopping the madness that is happening all around us I stumbled upon a website called Stop The Madness National,, and there was a message from President Obama about education.

 President Obama delivers a message about education in an effort to Stop The Madness.

As I explored the website I began to think these activities could be implemented by groups of parents to empower and inspire the youth of our country before they even start to use drugs or alcohol. Read More→

Before and After Drugs (Meth) via

Addiction: Does Scaring The Addict Straight Work?

        The above video is called Faces of Meth, it is intended to show people the effects of Meth Amphetamines in an effort to discourage them from using.  It was produced by , which has many centers listed on their website as well as many articles to help those dealing with addiction. As I watched the video I was reminded of a program called Scared Straight, where juveniles were taken into a jail for one day to live out the real life scenario of being incarcerated. The program was somewhat effective as it turned many of the participants around. The program was stopped as many felt that it was cruel and unusual to subject 13-18 year olds to the prison environment. This made me think Does Scaring someone Straight Work? The answer is yes for some as they can see that their choices are leading them down a poor path and the consequences are not worth it.

    The harsh reality is that continued drug involvement leads to 2 places a grave or a jail cell. I look at all the stories at about the kids who are addicted and those that have died or those who are serving time or have served time and think what can be done to quell the tide of addiction that is drowning our country?  Is the answer scaring the addict straight?  The stories of recovery and success all have one thing in common and that is the addict made the decision to get help and stop using. Many of those in recovery say they finally got to the point that they were afraid they would die or end up in prison. Some in recovery stated they had had enough and knew there was a better life meant for them. Read More→

Addiction: Dallas Cowboys Tragedy Serves As Wake Up Call!!!

  Josh Brent and Jerry Brown had the world in the palm of their hands as it seemed to the fans of The NFL Dallas Cowboys. As many NFL Players they enjoyed the night life and on a fateful night (12/8/12) hours before they were scheduled to play a game Josh Brent would have too much to drink and attempt to drive his car with Jerry Brown as a passenger then it would happen the car would hit a guard rail flip over killing Jerry Brown and leaving Josh Brent charged with Intoxication Man-Slaughter. Josh would make bond shortly after the Cowboys defeated The Bengals 20-19 on 12/9/10.  Josh Brent now faces criminal charges and jail time and his live is now forever changed as a result of making a poor decision. This story serves as a wake-up call to everyone to first not drink and drive and second not to get in a car with someone who has been drinking. The real tragedy is that this could have been avoided if both players had used better judgement and instead of partying the night before the game they were preparing mentally and getting their mind and body prepared to play a game that they get paid handsomely to play. Josh would have been the starting Nose Tackle. Jerry Brown was on the practice squad and quickly making his way up the depth chart.  Every player knows about the number they can call to get a ride. Many like Josh Brent choose not to use that service because of fear of embarrassment or repercussions from the team.

 Josh Brent is not the first one and unfortunately will not be the last one to be charged with Intoxication Man-Slaughter. While playing for The Cleveland Browns Donte Stallworth was driving in Miami when his car struck and killed a pedestrian. Donte served some jail time and today is still playing in The NFL. I ask what message does this send to our society? Read More→