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Addiction: Breaking The Grip: Focus on Prevention!!!



Today I went to to research information for this blog so as to be of service and value to the readers who may be facing the challenges of having an addict in their life. I found an article about the health risks of smoking, a controversial article about the use of a prescription drug to replace the addiction of another drug,  and an article on why cancer patients can’t stop smoking. As I read these articles I began to think of what can a parent do to alleviate the drug use, smoking, alcohol use, and other addictive behavior?

 When The Addict’s Mom hosted its monthly roundtable, which is now available at 605-477-2199 pin 131099# reference #34, with guest Denny Coates, whose website,, goes more into detail about the teenage brain, we discussed the many reasons why a teen starts to use alcohol, drugs,or smoke and we came to the consensus that the only way to stop the use is through prevention. Read More→

Addiction: Overcoming The Holiday Blues!!!!




In a dark room with just a candle and prayers a mother of an addicted child sits wondering what might have been as she marks the passing of her son knowing that there will be no presents for him as he is gone because addiction took him from this world. The mother is sad and blames herself and has stopped doing what she desires and focuses solely on the passing of her son wondering what might have been? This scene is being played out in homes across the world this holiday season as addiction continues to take sons and daughters away from their mothers. As a result many mothers are having a difficult time celebrating Hanukkah and Christmas. The mothers search for a way to overcome the holiday blues and many are finding solutions and are moving forward. They are not forgetting the son or daughter that they lost to addiction as they find ways to honor their memory. No parent especially a mother should have to ever bury a child, however when this happens a mother is grief-stricken and many times finds themselves depressed until one day they decide to do something to honor the child they lost.Many times they find the way to overcome during the holidays and thus wash the blues away. Read More→

Addiction: Matt Mitcham Is One Of Many Who Has Overcome Addiction!!!


Beijing gold medalist Matt Mitcham says that a former meth addiction nearly destroyed his career–and his life.

In his upcoming book, Twists and Turns, Mitcham describes how issues with anxiety, self-esteem and depression led him down a bumpy road of drug use and, eventually, dependence. In his book, to be released Monday, Mitcham says that through the help of 12-step program Narcotic Anonymous and the support of friends and family, he was able to come to terms with his addiction and is now managing as a drug-free athlete.

Matt Mitcham’s story is that like many that have used drugs or alcohol as a way to try to escape only to find that in life once drugs and alcohol become the most important part of your life you eventually go into a downward spiral until one day you realize that this is not what you want and you decide to get help and make a commitment to get better. Looking at Matt Mitcham you would never know he was an addict.You would think here is a guy living his dream how could he allow drugs to nearly destroy that dream? Mitcham stated he knew the dangers of Meth yet did it anyway and now he hopes to share his story so others won’t start or if they end up addicted that they seek help and get on a path to recovery. Read More→

Addiction: Underage Drinking, Heroin, Bon Jovi:Things That Make You Say WTH!



As I began to research for today’s entry I typed in to Bing Addiction In The News and the first thing that struck a chord was Underage Drinking Still An Issue Across The Nation. This did not surprise me as this is something that has been going on for ages. The question is why do most kids under 21 choose to drink. Some say all my friends are drinking and I want to fit in, which is where we as adults must make them feel important and comfortable enough to not give into the idea of fitting in. Some of the kids will sy I enjoy it, it relaxes me this is where you begin to teach alternatives like meditation, exercise, journaling, and other ways other than drinking.


The fact that most kids who do drink start at age 12 really made me say what the hell, then I remembered the story of me at The Passover Sedar, drinking all the left over wine and instead of the adults stepping in and stopping me they all said look how cute little Jonathan is getting drunk. This is where the issue starts for most kids they are allowed to drink and then they do stupid things and instead of being held accountable for their actions they are encouraged.  The key is to look for the warning signs and then begin to communicate with your children. There were many parties in my youth where there was drinking involved and in many cases the parents were at the parties and they said go ahead and you can sleep over in many cases the parents bought and provided the beer. The parents allowed this to happen and then years later wondered why many of the kids had issues associated with alcohol use. There are those that say if we didn’t have a drinking age and if we didn’t make alcohol taboo that the incidences of alcohol related issues would decrease. The key is how you as a parent deal with the issue of your child drinking. The issue of alcohol use is quite complex because we tend to glorify it as stated in a previous blog entry. I personally stopped using alcohol at age 27 as my doctor informed me of the damage I had already done to my body and how the continued use of alcohol could further hurt me. I now go out and my drink of choice is water or unsweetened iced tea. Read More→


Addiction: Hey Brad Keselowski Stop Glorifying Alcohol!!!!

After Brad Keselowski won The Sprint Cup Championship he immediately alluded to going to celebrate by having a few drinks. This struck a nerve with me because he represents something that is truly ironic in our society driving a car sponsored by Miller Lite at a high rate of speed. Miller runs ads about not drinking and driving and then sponsors a race car driven by someone whose first word were there will be drinking involved and then the next morning he talks about not being as hungover as he thought he would be.  Some would chalk it up to his immaturity. Come on people the man is 28 years old and should know better as many young kids are watching NASCAR and look up to Brad and will justify their poor decisions by saying well Brad does it and he makes millions of dollars and won a Sprint Cup Championship. Read More→

Addiction: Football, Politics, and More!!!!

by Jonathan Lederman – Media Director – The Addict’s Mom –

As I watched the Philadelphia Eagles play The New Orleans Saints on Monday Night Football last night (11/5/12) the commentator alluded to the fact that Andy Reid, the head coach of The Philadelphia Eagles, may have been affected by the death of his son Garrett. Garrett Reid was found dead of a heroin overdose at The Eagles facility during training camp. Garrett had been dealing with his addiction and making progress and become the strength coach for The Eagles until an overdose took him from this earth. I started to think yes Andy Reid has been affected by his son’s death and with his platform as a head coach in The NFL can use his clout to bring awareness to the issue of addiction and the devastating effects it has on a family.

 I have read so many stories on The Addict’s Mom Website,, and in the various Facebook groups about those lost to addiction. I believe we all need to come together and share and encourage others to share. Through sharing perhaps we can help other families to avoid the trials and tribulations of having an addicted child. The answers are not simple however they can be found through sharing without shame as together you are stronger and reminded that you are special. Many times addiction is like a football game as you scrap for every inch trying to score a touchdown in your life and win in the end. the touchdown is the recovery process and the win is seeing the loved one become clean and sober. How many Garrett Reid’s are we going to have to bury until our society wakes up and says we need a new approach to eliminating drugs and alcohol from our culture.


You know the 1st 2 photos however many may not know the 3rd. That is Gary Johnson The Libertarian Candidate for President. This brings us to the way we can change the way that the issue of addiction is handled. We can get out and vote for the person who will fund programs and who will really focus on the ideas of prevention and recovery. There are many programs that need funding that we as a population regardless of who we support need to start addressing. Instead of  complaining take action and write to you congressmen and congress women and share your story and the fact that you are asking for more funding to be dedicated to the pandemic that has become addiction in our country. Ask them how many more lives have to be shattered before we all wake up and do something. We are spending so much supporting foreign interests when we need to be supporting those at home first especially those suffering from addiction. I strongly recommend that after the election we flood the offices of all elected officials with an onslaught of snail mail encouraging them to do something about the pandemic that is robbing our country of talented young people known as addiction.

Addiction: Resources For The Family of An Addict

So your son or daughter is an addict and still living the life of an addict. Do not fret as you are not alone as many parents are going through the same pain that you are experiencing. There are many places to turn such as The first thing to do is come out of the dark and accept the fact that your son or daughter is an addict and you are simply powerless until they decide they want to be clean and sober and free of their addiction.  The following are some resources that you can use to help you and your family in the process of meeting the challenges of having an addicted family member.



You can read books and apply what you learned. You can carry medallions and stones to help you cope. You can attend meetings. One major component of dealing with the fact that your son or daughter is an addict is to take care of yourself first and be in tune with the others in the family that may be in pain as a result of the addict’s actions.

 As I was searching for content for the blog today (11/6/12) I came across this photo of a pin that was introduced in September during National Recovery Month.  Remember you can support the addict’s road to recovery by setting boundaries. It is my hope that your son or daughter will put down the drugs and alcohol and turn their life around before it becomes to late. If you losed someone to addiction you can share their story in hopes that it will resonate and stop another person from evening starting with drugs and alcohol.

I found a few videos that I believe will help you in your quest of meeting the challenges you face with having an addicted child.

May you continue to be filled with peace, love, and happiness as you show the courage to come out and say I am the Mother or Father of an addict.




Addiction: Do You Believe In Miracles?

by Jonathan Lederman – Media Director – The Addict’s Mom –

 As I was driving today I turned to REACH FM as I often do and this song from 3rd day was playing and all the while I kept thinking do you believe in miracles. I kept playing back the scenes from the 1980 Olympic Hockey Team’s run for the Gold Medal and kept hearing Al Michaels’ voice saying do you believe in miracles. This led me to ask the question to all those dealing with addiction if you believe in miracles. My answer is yes as I have seen many miraculous things happen in my lifetime and have seen many that have fallen prey to addiction make a comeback and lead productive lives. I have seen people in the grasps of alcohol one day decide they were going to quit and sober up and as a result fixed themselves and now are helping others. I have seen drug addicts turn their lives around. Read More→

Addiction: Turning Back Time

by Jonathan Lederman – Media Director –  The  Addict’s Mom –
 Today’s blog post was inspired by the Cher song Turn Back Time. As I listened to the lyrics I began to think how many people especially mothers of addicted children would turn back time and start over. The fact of the matter is we don’t have a magic wand or a time machine all we have is the ability to turn back time on paper and to write all the negative events down and begin to remove the emotional charges associated with those events by letting go. One way to do this is to write all the negative feelings and to put them in a bowl and burn them and then spread the ashes as compost and make a commitment to move forward in a positive direction.

Finding why the usage of drugs and alcohol happened and then peeling back the onion with love and kindness can lead to the addict’s recovery as well as the family’s recovery. There are many schools of thought on how to move forward some will tell you accept that the addict has a problem, set boundaries, and let them fend for themself, and when they are ready they will seek assistance. Others will say assist in every way possible and show the addict love. My thought is understand you can not turn back time, you can bot change the addict until the addict is ready, so do what you believe is the right thing to do in your heart and let it play out. One of the keys is to do everything in your power to stop someone from using. Read More→

Addiction: The Power Of Positive Thinking – Myth Or Reality?

by Jonathan Lederman- Media Director – The Addict’s Mom

As I was driving in my car today I was listening to REACH FM, A Christian Radio Station, whose website is The Pastor Bob Coy of Calvary  Chapel was on speaking about building and the power of staying positive through prayer. I began to think is the power of positive thinking a myth or is it reality? For many that are facing the challenges of addiction the idea of being and staying positive in the face of this crisis is very mythical as they have been surrounded by negativity and finding the turning point seems to be difficult. The reality is that many have used the power of positive thinking to overcome the challenges and today lead productive lives. Families that have created sacred space within their home and their business have found that by being positive and learning from the experiences associated with addiction that their lives have improved. Many have turned to The Bible and have found solace and direction to create a better life for themselves and those around them.


Some have found that the teachings of positive thinking from Napolean Hill, Bob Proctor, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, Marrianne Williamson and others to be very helpful when dealing with addiction.


There are many resources available to you to decide if the power of positive thinking is myth or reality. The key is to understand that the power to change lies within you and that these resources are tools to use along the way. I have often found that having a good affirmation to use each day helps to increase the level of positivity. Read More→


Addiction: How Are You Showing Up?

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Addiction: How Are You Showing Up?

by Jonathan Lederman – Media Director – The Addict’s Mom

In many cases the vibes that we are getting from others is how we ourselves are showing up. Think about how you are showing up and how you are carrying yourself. In dealing with addiction are you coming across as judgemental and angry or are you perceived as loving and caring. How you show up depends on how you feel about yourself on the inside. Have you been lacking self worth and thus allow others to step on you or are you confident and sure of yourself and thus are treated with respect.

 Are you a picture of positivity living your life with a thumbs up attitude knowing that you are okay and that you are loved and special and you deserve to be loved and treated special.  When you awake are you looking forward to the opportunities the day brings or are you dreading all that lies ahead.  An exercise to try each morning is to say a gratitude prayer thanking GOD for the day and the opportunities it brings. Read More→