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Addiction: Addiction and 9-11; The Recovery Process

 It was 11 years ago today when the tragic events of  9-11 occcured. As I sat to write this post I began to think how the events of 9-11 and the recovery process parallel the stages of an addict and a family in recovery. I begane to think forst there is acceptance that something bad has happened or is happening, then there is the realization that you need help to recover from these events, and at the end you are triuphant as you move forward in a path to recovery.

 As people came out of the rumble and began to help one another there was sense of togetherness that came over our country, people were a bit nicer to one another and began to help eachother. It is a shame that it takes tragic events to bring people together, howver when people share a similar experience they are more apt to come through it and recover. With addiction it takes the family and friends to pull together and help the addict come through the recovery process. This will not be easy as itr hasn’t been easy for all theose affected by 9-11, however by taking the first step toward recovery people will be healed and will be able to let go of the past and move forward. Read More→


Addiction: Get Your Marching Orders

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Addiction: Get Your Marching Orders

The first step to overcoming the challenges of having an addcited child is to have a plan of action. Many Mother’s do not know where to start. As a result they become bewildered and discouraged. Mother’s of addicted children encumber problems as they drop everything fornthe addcit and then as a result find them selves facing a feeling of helplessness. With the formation of the membership site it is the hope of the founder of The Addcit’s Mom, Barbara Theodosiou, to create a place where mothers of addcited children  from around the world can gather and share with out shame while finding vauable resources.

Addiction: The Marchman Act

In Florida there is a resource avaiable known as The Marchman Act: Here is some information about this particular state statute. You can find more at

Marchman Act

What is the Marchman Act?

The Marchman Act is a law under the Florida Statute that enables family members to obtain help for a loved one who is unwilling to seek substance abuse services voluntarily.


What are the specific criteria for a Marchman Act?

* Has lost the power of self-control with respect to substance use; and EITHER

* Has inflicted or threatened or attempted to inflict physical harm on himself or another: OR

* Is in need of substance abuse services and, by reason of substance abuse impairment, is incapable of appreciating the need for such services and of making a rational decision in regard to receiving services. However, mere refusal to receive such services does not constitute evidence of lack of judgment with respect to the need for such services.

What happens when the person is picked up by law enforcement?

The petition is reviewed by a judge to determine if the situation is an emergency or if the individual named in the petition needs to receive a subpoena to respond to the petition. If the petition is found to meet emergency status an order for law enforcement to pick up the person is issued. There is a fee for this service.

What happens when the person is picked up by law enforcement?

In each county there are designated facilities to complete an assessment on the person to determine if they meet the criteria for the Marchman Act.

How long does the assessment take?

The law allows for up to 5 days to complete the evaluation on a court ordered assessment. During that time the facility may ask the court for an extension, release the client, or file a petition with the courts asking for the judge to court order treatment services.


What is the cost of the evaluation?

All of the facilities work with insurance and accept payment for services on a sliding fee scale.


How long can a person be court ordered into treatment services?

The judge can court order an individual into services for up to 60 days.

This information has aided Barbara on 2 separate occassions in dealing with her addicted son Daniel.

Look for more resources to come on this blog.