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Addiction: Love Is Thicker Than Water!!!


 This song was written and performed by Andy Gibb, who died of what appeared to be a heart attack on March 10, 1988. It was believed that his abuse of cocaine led to his heart failing. Andy Gibb was 30 years old. This got me to thinking when are we as a nation really going to take on the issue of drug abuse? When are we going to stop glorifying celebrities like Lindsey Lohan and those who continue to make poor choices?  When  are we going to begin to focus on prevention? If your child never started using the problem of his or her addiction would not be interfering with your life and having a negative effect on your other family members.

 Andy Gibb wrote about love however as you read interviews that he conducted you would see that he didn’t love himself and felt his accomplishments were minor. This could explain his turning to cocaine for like most addicts they turn to drugs because of their lack of self-worth. They do not believe they are deserving of the best and thus they get into a self-destruction  mode and one day they are gone. May parents reading this blog know to well the feeling of loss as they have experienced it first hand and when they hear these songs they bring memories of better times.  Tracking the life of an addict that is still deep into their addiction  brings many answers but also leaves many questions?

 Parents who are dealing with an addict know this cycle all too well and do their best to break the cycle. The question is how did this start? The answer is that your child was lacking a sense of belonging and turning to drugs gave him or her what they were seeking. The next question is why did it continue? It continued because they didn’t feel a need to stop and did not realize the problems their drug use was creating. In some cases what a parent thought was loving became enabling and thus never forced the child to fend for themselves. In some cases it was just the simple fact that it was easier to blame everyone else instead of being accountable for their actions. The question remains how do you break the cycle? The answer is you do not break the cycle the addict must break the cycle. When the addict is serious about recovery then and only then is progress made. You can not guilt your child into getting better, you can not continue to through money at the problem because that doesn’t help, you can’s make excuses as that worsens the problem. The best thing you as a parent can do is to set boundaries and keep to the boundaries. The worst case scenario is that you get that knock on the door saying your child is dead can you identify the body. This happens everyday in America and it is sad because in many cases the loss could have been prevented. The best case scenario is that the addict decides that his poor choices as a result of using no longer serve him or her and they make an effort to stop and get sober and remain sober. Read More→

Before and After Drugs (Meth) via

Addiction: Does Scaring The Addict Straight Work?

        The above video is called Faces of Meth, it is intended to show people the effects of Meth Amphetamines in an effort to discourage them from using.  It was produced by , which has many centers listed on their website as well as many articles to help those dealing with addiction. As I watched the video I was reminded of a program called Scared Straight, where juveniles were taken into a jail for one day to live out the real life scenario of being incarcerated. The program was somewhat effective as it turned many of the participants around. The program was stopped as many felt that it was cruel and unusual to subject 13-18 year olds to the prison environment. This made me think Does Scaring someone Straight Work? The answer is yes for some as they can see that their choices are leading them down a poor path and the consequences are not worth it.

    The harsh reality is that continued drug involvement leads to 2 places a grave or a jail cell. I look at all the stories at about the kids who are addicted and those that have died or those who are serving time or have served time and think what can be done to quell the tide of addiction that is drowning our country?  Is the answer scaring the addict straight?  The stories of recovery and success all have one thing in common and that is the addict made the decision to get help and stop using. Many of those in recovery say they finally got to the point that they were afraid they would die or end up in prison. Some in recovery stated they had had enough and knew there was a better life meant for them. Read More→