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Addiction: Taking Back Your Power

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Addiction: Taking Back Your Power

Have you felt like you have lost your power when dealing with someone who is an addict? Many times you may find yourself stepping back and giving in to the addict because you feel that you are darned if you do or darned if you don’t.  You begin to question yourself asking am I helping the addict or enabling the addict. You then begin to blame yourself for the issues the addict is having and you begin to focus so much on the addict that you lose site of the other members of your family and even yourself. You begin to feel powerless and then one day you decide to take back your power and stand firm with your decisions realizing that it is usually in GOD’s hands  and what will happen will happen.

 Instead of blaming the addict and the circumstances you can take responsibility and then take the steps to move forward to take your power back. Think about the interactions you have had with the addict. Have they been on your terms or their terms? You can control the interaction simply by setting boundaries and sticking to the boundaries. When the addict steps over the boundaries immediately end the interaction. This is the toughest thing to do because you really desire to help the addict, however the first time you allow for this you open yourself up for more problems.  By setting and sticking to parameters you can take back your power. Read More→

Addiction: Obama And Romney We Have A Problem!!

As the elections approaches in November I begin to ponder which one of these guys is going to truly address a major issue that is plaguing our country and that is the issue of addiction. They both claim to have a healthcare plan, however will there plan fund prevention programs? Prevention Programs such as Drug and Alcohol Resistance Education have proven to work as it reduces the occurences of drug and alcohol use amongst children. Will their plan fund treatment and make it easily accessible when it is needed. Many parents are not in a position to spend $20,000 for a 30 day program and thus try to solve the issue of addiction on their own, when if a third-party arbitrator could be involved it would help. Read More→

Addiction: Addiction and 9-11; The Recovery Process

 It was 11 years ago today when the tragic events of  9-11 occcured. As I sat to write this post I began to think how the events of 9-11 and the recovery process parallel the stages of an addict and a family in recovery. I begane to think forst there is acceptance that something bad has happened or is happening, then there is the realization that you need help to recover from these events, and at the end you are triuphant as you move forward in a path to recovery.

 As people came out of the rumble and began to help one another there was sense of togetherness that came over our country, people were a bit nicer to one another and began to help eachother. It is a shame that it takes tragic events to bring people together, howver when people share a similar experience they are more apt to come through it and recover. With addiction it takes the family and friends to pull together and help the addict come through the recovery process. This will not be easy as itr hasn’t been easy for all theose affected by 9-11, however by taking the first step toward recovery people will be healed and will be able to let go of the past and move forward. Read More→


Addiction: Coming Out Of The Dark

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Addiction: Coming Out Of The Dark

by Jonathan Lederman- Media Director- The Addict’s Mom

 Gloria Estefan released this song shortly after her tour bus crashed and she was left with a broken back and didn’t know if  she would ever perform again. She decided to move forward and to overcome adversity. She shows  that you can come out of the dark. Her song inspired me to write this blog entry to help those reading it to come out of the dark.

Addiction: Ways of Coming Out Of The Dark

 One way to come out of the dark is to turn to your faith and to embrace the fact that you are a child of God and that your children are children of God.  There are many great books that you can find to help you with a faith walk as you face the challenges  of addiction.

Rev. Dr. Dee Adio Moses gives you 365 daily devotionals to help you Heal Your Life.Reverend Dr. Dee Adio-Moses is an ordained Minister, Pastor, International Spiritual Teacher, Life Coach and above all a vessel for God’s Divine Healing.

She is devoted to helping people move to a higher level of consciousness, no matter where they are in life. She teaches that “Over-flowing abundance is your birthright and your life must reflect this, if not, the awakening of the soul to the realization of this divinity and thus the greatness is all the work that needs to be done.”

A prolific bible teacher, her passion, her innate gift and her ability to take the spiritual and translate it into the practical, have been the foundation of the success of her ministry.

Dr. Dee will assist you on your journey; countless people have seen their lives transformed by working with her in the last 20 years of Spiritual and Life Coaching, expect yours to be the next one.  Dr. Dee is the Founder, Spiritual Leader and Pastor of Healing Center of Christ International and of Life Empowerment, Inc., a non-profit organization.  She is a trained metaphysician with a PhD in Psychology specializing in Holistic Life Counseling. Read More→


Addiction: Playing The Blame Game!!!

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Addiction: Playing The Blame Game!!!

By Jonathan Lederman- Media Director- The Addict’s Mom



Celebrities like Lindsey Lohan, Macauley Culkin,  and Joey Kovar make the news for problems with alcohol and drugs and quickly viewers start to play the blame game and point fingers at society, at the parents, at Hollywood. People blame the individual saying how with allthat money can you be unhappy and have a desire to turn to drugs and alchol? The answer is not an easy one as to why people choose to use drugs and alcohol or who is to blame, howver let’s start with the parents and see what type of behavior was being modeled?  Now let’s turn to the child and see how they have been treated and how they are seeking acceptance? Many times a child will model the behavior that they observe. Children want to be accepted and if they find a group that is using drugs and alcohol and they feel they fit in guess what they will start using drugs and alcohol.



Addiction doesn’t only affect celebrities it affects everyday people as well as they are seeking to be accepted or to be liked. Some choose to drink or do drugs as they feel it will make their problems go away. The truth is the answer was never found at the end of a line or a needle or the bottom of a glass. We can be quick to point fingers and play the blame game or we can find out the true root of the issue and begin to help the addict, however the addict has to be committed to getting clean and stop blaming others for their circumstances. It is when we become accountable for our actions that we begin the healing process and stop playing the blame game.

Addiction: Resources To help You Stop Playing The Blame Game

 This book and others could be a great resource for you to help you to stop playing the blame game.


  Ask yourself what behavior am I modeling when I am with my child? If you are drinking heavily or using drugs your child most likely will model this behavior. If you are loud and beligerent the child will learn this as acceptable behavior. If you are peaceful,supportive, and kind most likely your child will model this behavior. Think of what you are saying and how it is affecting the child. Ask yourself am I playing The Blame Game?

 When you stop playing the blame game and walk your faith you will see that all the answers lie in you. Many will continue to blame and never take responsibility for their actions until and will continue to struggle. The struggle stops when you stop playing the blame game.