Addiction: God Will Make A Way!!!


Addiction: GOD Will Make A Way!!!

 In the time of deepest despair it is refreshing to be able to turn to GOD and know that he will make a way. As a parent of an addict or a family member of an addict times get tough and you tend to wonder when will it all end, when will the addict wake up and know that he or she is not only hurting themselves but hurting the entire family. Sometimes the addict never wakes up and it ends with the knock on the door to come identify your child. At that moment you ask why GOD? The answer is generally because I didn’t want your family to suffer any longer and now you can help other families who are dealing with addiction.

 On the other end of the spectrum the addict makes a decision to turn things around and makes a commitment to him/herself  and GOD to become clean and sober mind. The stories that I hear of recovery all have a common theme and that is that they had a spiritual awakening and decided that GOD had a bigger plan for them.  As the addict realizes that GOD will make a way and they change their attitude and begin to believe in themselves that they have the courage to change and serve the community it is important for the parent to be supportive. In some cases it means the understanding to detach with love until the addict is ready to make the commitment to be clean and sober and realize that GOD will make a way.

 When things seem desperate and beyond your control look to the scriptures and now that GOD will make a way.

When we are seeking the path GOD will make a way enabling  you to deal with the trials and tribulations of having an addicted child.  The way may be mysterious and you may have to search deep inside to get in touch with your divinity to understand that if GOD is for you who can be against you.

Again many times it is sitting in silence and meditating on bible verses that will allow you to fully understand that GOD will make a way. GOD may direct to books on addiction, support groups, special events, or videos to help you deal with the anguish that comes from being the parent of an addict.

 God will provide messages and resources through out the journey. It is up to us to hear the messages and to act upon them. It is in our faith that we create freedom by showing gratitude for what we have thus leading to better health and wellness.  Today I was given the message to tell you to honor yourself and take care of yourself so that you can be of service and value to others. Love yourself first and do something nice for yourself everyday so that you can move forward while struggling with the issue of having an addicted child. GOD has a way of creating miracles and creating new beginnings. As I visited www.addictsmom.com, a membership sharing site designed to help mothers of addicted children share without shame while finding resources and seeing that they are not alone I read many stories of recovery show that GOD is making a way for those affected by addiction.

 God has a way and a reason for everything he puts on our plate. It is not ours to question. It is ours to seek and follow GOD’S Will. GOD will lead us and it it up to us to keep a positive attitude.

GOD recently made a way for Barbara Theodosiou, Founder of The Addict’s Mom to bring mother’s of addicts together for a day of hope and healing as she will host Steps of Hope on Saturday May 17, 2014 at The Town Of Davie Town Hall. There will be speakers followed by a 1 mile walk of hope. In seeing that GOD is making a way Barbara is able to help other mothers of addicted children and bring the issue of addiction to the forefront in communities across America.

 As you continue to see how GOD is making a way it is important to pause and give him a shout out. It is knowing that GOD will make a way that you are able to find the way in your journey to overcome the stigma associated with having an addicted child. As you continue on your journey know you are not alone and that GOD will make a way.

Addiction: Songs Of Hope And Healing To Show That GOD Will Make A Way!!!

Know that GOD will make a way!!!






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