Addiction: Yellow Ribbons, Yellow Flags, And Hope


Addiction: Yellow Ribbons, Yellow Flags, And Hope


 Tony Orlando and Dawn’s song Tie A Yellow Ribbon has become an anthem to welcome those returning home. The yellow ribbon on the tree has come to symbolize a love and desire to have the person returning involved in the family. For mothers of addicts they want a clean and sober addict to return home and for the addict they want a caring mother to welcome them with open arms and a whole lot of love. The most difficult task for a mother of an addict is to accept that was has been done is done, the future is uncertain, so accept the moment. A mother of an addict can tie that yellow ribbon and hope for the best. The mother must first and foremost take care of themself by reminding themself that she is special and that she deserves love and respect.

 I give you this yellow ribbon in hopes that it will bring hope of a safe return to your home of your son or daughter as they begin their path to recovery. The dove is the dove of peace and I hope peace surrounds you in your quest to become a healthy addicts mom as you face the challenges that are upon you. There is a place to share with out shame, find resources, and see that you are not alone at www.addictsmom.com.

     For those who watch NASCAR you will notice this yellow flag symbolizing caution on the race track. This flag usually comes out after an accident or for debris on the track. It signals the drivers to slow down. It also allows drivers a chance to make a pit stop to make adjustments and get on with the race.  In the life of a mother of an addict there are many times when you must put up your own yellow flag to remind you to slow down that the process of recovery takes time. Many times by slowing down and making adjustments you begin to realize that you will get to the finish line and that victory will be had in the form of recovery. Sometimes it is just a matter of setting up the rules and the protocols and knowing that when an accident or debris gets in the way to just slow down.

 In football a referee will throw a yellow flag to signify a penalty on a play. Imagine if in your dealings with the addict you could have a yellow flag to throw to show the addict that they are committing a penalty and that there are consequences. The addict will commit penalties and each time they do you must call them on it until one day they get the message that their way is not working and it is time to change. In many cases during a football game a coach will take a player out of the game if they commit a penalty and thus the player learns that if they do not follow the rules they will not be able to play. One of the consequences for the player is that it may cost them incentive bonus money, they may be fined, or they may be suspended. These consequences are harsh, however they work. Thus the lesson here is to call the penalty and have the addict face the consequences.



 I chose to close with this song as it embodies the idea of showing love and finding hope.

This week show love and find hope by tying that yellow ribbon around the tree, using your caution flag, throwin a penalty flag when needed and continuing on your path to becoming a healthy addicts mom.


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