Addiction: Dallas Cowboys Tragedy Serves As Wake Up Call!!!!


Addiction: Dallas Cowboys Tragedy Serves As Wake Up Call!!!

  Josh Brent and Jerry Brown had the world in the palm of their hands as it seemed to the fans of The NFL Dallas Cowboys. As many NFL Players they enjoyed the night life and on a fateful night (12/8/12) hours before they were scheduled to play a game Josh Brent would have too much to drink and attempt to drive his car with Jerry Brown as a passenger then it would happen the car would hit a guard rail flip over killing Jerry Brown and leaving Josh Brent charged with Intoxication Man-Slaughter. Josh would make bond shortly after the Cowboys defeated The Bengals 20-19 on 12/9/10.  Josh Brent now faces criminal charges and jail time and his live is now forever changed as a result of making a poor decision. This story serves as a wake-up call to everyone to first not drink and drive and second not to get in a car with someone who has been drinking. The real tragedy is that this could have been avoided if both players had used better judgement and instead of partying the night before the game they were preparing mentally and getting their mind and body prepared to play a game that they get paid handsomely to play. Josh would have been the starting Nose Tackle. Jerry Brown was on the practice squad and quickly making his way up the depth chart.  Every player knows about the number they can call to get a ride. Many like Josh Brent choose not to use that service because of fear of embarrassment or repercussions from the team.

 Josh Brent is not the first one and unfortunately will not be the last one to be charged with Intoxication Man-Slaughter. While playing for The Cleveland Browns Donte Stallworth was driving in Miami when his car struck and killed a pedestrian. Donte served some jail time and today is still playing in The NFL. I ask what message does this send to our society?

 I recently googled NFL DUI Cases and the number of players and coaches with DUI is astronomical. This really got me to thinking why is it that we as a society continue to glorify the use of alcohol?  As I thought more I thought why is it that these NFL Players continue to use poor judgement? The answer is they think they are invincible or that the rules of society do not apply to them. All of the DUI Cases and DUI Manslaughter Cases associated with NFL PLayers and Coaches could have been avoided with a simple call for a ride, hiring a driver for the evening, calling for a tow, or not going out in the first place.

Addiction: The Wake Up Call!!!

 The stories above should serve as a wake up call to all of us as the use of alcohol and alcoholism continues to rise and noone is immune to the consequences created by it.  Many of the companies that manufacture and sell alcohol have some type of  anti drinking and driving component in their advertising campaigns. While many people will drink responsible and never get behind the wheel of the car and drive there are many that will risk their life and the lives of others. For the alcoholic his or her judgement is already clouded and their attitude is less than positive and their judgement is clouded because their brain has been adversely affected by the drinking.

 The wake up call is to encourage people to use good judgement. In order to do this we must understand that the way the brain operates and many people that make poor choices make them because of the way their brain developed. Denny Coates, who specializes in helping people reach peak performance explains the way an adolescent brain works at This may explain while an alcoholic or an addict does what they do as they may be trapped in an adolescent mind that hasn’t fully matured to create positive coping skills and sound judgement.

 Why is the biggest question that faces us today in the area of addiction. Why did Josh Brent drive after drinking? He may tell us because he felt he was okay to drive? We can ask why didn’t his teammates take the keys and make sure he got home safely? We can ask why Donte Stallworth didn’t call to have his car towed home after a night of drinking? We may never know the answers as we do not know what goes on inside their brain.
    We can ask why did our child start drinking or using drugs and when we get the answer then it is up to us to find ways to get them to stop.  The solution is very easy of your child doesn’t start then they don’t become addicted so the key is prevention.  If they start find out why and be proactive to quell the situation until it gets out of hand.
  It is time to stop making excuses and start to create an environment where people will use better judgement. I look back on 12/9/12 and think what if instead of  going to a Strip Club Josh Brent and Jerry Brown took that money and donated to a worthy cause and stayed in studying film for the next day’s game? There is no excuse for someone to drink and drive. The key to quelling alcohol and drug abuse is education and prevention at an early age and to stop making excuses and be proactive in your child’s life.
 May the tragic events of Josh Brent, Jerry Brown, and Donte Stallworth serve as a wake up call that one day we can hope for a world that is free from drug and alcohol abuse. We all have the power to change the way we look at things and to make our world one filled with hope and healing. Each day people die because of alcohol and drug abuse and poor judgement and many of these unnecessary deaths can be avoided if we stop and communicate and begin to make better choices.

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