Addiction: It Is Laundry Time!!!


Addiction: It Is Laundry Time!!!

Have you ever put off doing your laundry and allowed it to pile up and then you have this sense of overwhelm and you continue to make excuses until one day you finally decide that it is time to do the laundry. This describes what many parents and family members go through when dealing with an addict. Addiction has reached nearly pandemic levels in America and yet like the laundry piling  law makers and others continue to make excuses and let it continue to pile up. It is time that everyone affected by addiction stood up and said it is time to do the laundry. Now you may be asking with all the loads of laundry to do where do we start? The answer is put in the first load and do one load at a time. If we are to cleanse our country of addiction we must first look at the root cause of addiction and that is the reason drugs are so prevalent and readily available in our neighborhoods. One is because there is money to be made another is because so many people are looking for love and acceptance and turn to the drugs and the drug culture because of the lack of love and acceptance they perceive to be receiving.

 Another reason drug and alcohol use is increasing in our society is that those using have not developed the mental acuity to judge and see consequences.  A persons judgmental skills and critical thinking skills develops from the age of 12-22. During this period of time of the neurons of the brain do not connect with the frontal lobes due to drug and alcohol use and abuse the person gets stuck in that mental age for life. Imagine dealing with a an addict at age 25 who has the mental capacity of a 16 year old. This addict may not understand that it is time to do the laundry and to clean up their act as they are still acting out of impulse and not thinking of consequences. The only way to combat this is to do the laundry and make sure you are actively involved in your child’s life. Remember you are not here to be their friend you are here to guide them and develop them.

 When doing our laundry we have a regiment wash, dry, fold, put away. When dealing with an addict you must also have a regiment. Set boundaries, keep boundaries, be loving, take care of yourself first before taking care of the addict. The best thing would be if you never had an addicted child for all those that had influence over your child would have washed them of all their negativity that led to them using drugs.  The child would have been dried and their mindset would have been one of staying away from drugs. The child would have been folded into a group that lifted them and made them feel loved and accepted without the use of drugs. The child would have been put away clean every night and woke up every morning with a sense of purpose. Unfortunately this did not happen and you have an addict as a child so it is time to do the laundry.

One place where you can do the laundry is at On May 17, 2014 Barbara Theodosiou will host Steps of Hope at The Davie Town Hall in Davie, FL at 10 AM. This event will be a great opportunity to do the laundry and share without shame as people affected by addiction share their stories and gather for a 1 mile walk to bring awareness to the issue of addiction.

 As you deal with your addicted child and this near pandemic of addiction remember it is like doing laundry you must first commit to face the fact that there is an issue and then to take action to combat the issue and thus move forward in your quest to do the laundry and make everything clean.

 As you begin to do the laundry and create a cleaner environment around you remember there is help available and many resources available if you look and make a commitment to eradicate addiction in your community. It starts with you doing the 1st load and continuing to do loads every week until their is a favorable outcome reached.

 I leave you with the tree of addictions in an effort to help you see the issues and to combat the issues so that you can do the laundry. Everyday is a journey and each journey starts with the first step. May your step to do the laundry lead to a success story of recovery.  Remember that sometimes the wash or dryer will not work so you need to repair them so as to get the result of clean clothes. Sometimes it will take many repairs to get your child clean. Do not lose hope and continue to do the laundry one load at a time.

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