Addiction: Say A Little Prayer For Me!!!



Addiction: Say A Little Prayer For Me!!!

As we prepare to gather in Davie, FL on may 17 for Steps of Hope I encourage everyone to say a prayer for all those affected by addiction. Now

Pretend your holding my hand and together let’s say a prayer. GOD bless us and guide us as we face the challenges of having an addicted child. Grant me peace, love, joy, and prosperity as I deal with this issue. Thank you for watching over all those affected by addiction.


Addiction: Songs of Prayers And Hope

Tonight and everyday I pray that GOD helps you with any struggles you are facing.  I share these songs to help you move forward and to face the obstacles that may be placed in your personal or professional life.

Addiction: Prayers of Hope and Healing!!!!

Addiction: A Special Meditation For Prayers Of Hope And Healing

It is through prayer and meditation that we can face our past and live in the present to prepare for the future.

Regardless of what religion or spiritual belief system you believe in there is power in prayer.  With prayer there comes hope and with hope healing and recovery can occur.  The Addict’s Mom hopes to see you on May 17 at 10 AM in Davie, FL.

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