Addiction: Celebrate The Successes- Applaud Steps To Recovery


Addiction: Celebrate The Successes

As I saw Court McGee’s  story I thought about the importance of celebrating those who have successfully overcome the gripes of addiction. Addiction is something that you face day to day even when you are clean. The following video tells Court’s Story.It is my hope that this story will instill a modicom of hope for those dealing with addiction.

It is when we celebrate the successes as small as they may seem that we begin to conquer the gripes of addiction. In many cases those affected by addiction are so quick to blame or cast stones of doubt that they lose sight of  the true potential they have to become successful and they beat themselves up and never take the steps to overcome the adversity of addiction because noone has celebrated their successes.

Voices of Recovery celebrates those who are successfully overcoming their addictions and celebrating their recovery.

Jane Velez-Mitchell speaks about her own personal struggle addiction and sheds insight on addiction. Today she is a leader in her industry as host of CNN’s Headline News.
Against the GrainEugene “Mercury” Morris gives readers insight into his struggles with cocaine addiction and how it nearly ruined his life.

Mercury Morris was selected for three Pro Bowls over his nine-year professional career. In

1972-73, Mercury played on back-to-back world championship teams. His best two seasons

as a pro were also the best two seasons enjoyed by the Miami Dolphins, as well as any club

in NFL history, amassing 32 wins in 34 games including a 1972 “17-0″ perfect season.

Along with teammate, Larry Csonka, Mercury earned a spot in the Pro Footballs’s Hall of

Fame record books for becoming the first backs on the same team to each gain 1000 yards

in the backfield in a 14 game season. He holds the Dolphin record for the longest kick return

(105 yards). And, he is one of only three players in history to average over 5 yards per carry

rushing average, behind Jim Brown and in front of Gayle Sayers.

In 1982, seven years after leaving professional football, Mercury Morris admittedly made

some poor choices in his personal lifestyle and was arrested and convicted on drug charges.

In 1986 the Florida Supreme Court ruled that Morris did not receive a fair trial and he was

released from prison.

Today, Mercury is a sought after motivational speaker.. He speaks about the importance of

making the right choices in life. His goal is to make a positive impact in the lives of others.

And, he is doing just that.

      I invite you to share your stories of success and the stories of those who have inspired you to take your step to recovery or help others to take their steps to recovery.




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