Addiction: Playing The Blame Game!!!


Addiction: Playing The Blame Game!!!

By Jonathan Lederman- Media Director- The Addict’s Mom



Celebrities like Lindsey Lohan, Macauley Culkin,  and Joey Kovar make the news for problems with alcohol and drugs and quickly viewers start to play the blame game and point fingers at society, at the parents, at Hollywood. People blame the individual saying how with allthat money can you be unhappy and have a desire to turn to drugs and alchol? The answer is not an easy one as to why people choose to use drugs and alcohol or who is to blame, howver let’s start with the parents and see what type of behavior was being modeled?  Now let’s turn to the child and see how they have been treated and how they are seeking acceptance? Many times a child will model the behavior that they observe. Children want to be accepted and if they find a group that is using drugs and alcohol and they feel they fit in guess what they will start using drugs and alcohol.



Addiction doesn’t only affect celebrities it affects everyday people as well as they are seeking to be accepted or to be liked. Some choose to drink or do drugs as they feel it will make their problems go away. The truth is the answer was never found at the end of a line or a needle or the bottom of a glass. We can be quick to point fingers and play the blame game or we can find out the true root of the issue and begin to help the addict, however the addict has to be committed to getting clean and stop blaming others for their circumstances. It is when we become accountable for our actions that we begin the healing process and stop playing the blame game.

Addiction: Resources To help You Stop Playing The Blame Game

 This book and others could be a great resource for you to help you to stop playing the blame game.


  Ask yourself what behavior am I modeling when I am with my child? If you are drinking heavily or using drugs your child most likely will model this behavior. If you are loud and beligerent the child will learn this as acceptable behavior. If you are peaceful,supportive, and kind most likely your child will model this behavior. Think of what you are saying and how it is affecting the child. Ask yourself am I playing The Blame Game?

 When you stop playing the blame game and walk your faith you will see that all the answers lie in you. Many will continue to blame and never take responsibility for their actions until and will continue to struggle. The struggle stops when you stop playing the blame game.




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