Addiction: When Does It End?


Kovar, a cast member of ‘The Real World: Hollywood’ and ‘Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew,’ was found dead at a friend’s Chicago area home on Friday, TMZ reported.

Addiction: When Does It End?

By Jonathan Lederman- Media Director,  The Addict’s Mom-

As I read of Joey  Kovar’s passing I began to think about all the moms who are facing the challenges of having an addicted child and this moms who have lost their child to addiction and what they must be asking, When Does It End? In The United States Addiction had become a pandemic that is often swept aside as fingers are pointed at parents, blame put on the addict, and a lack of true resources. Many year’s agon First Lady, Nancy Reagan, launched a program Just Say No!! If it were just that simple, howeve rit is not as the dynamics are so complex that you must tesr back the onion one layer at a time. There are numerous reasons give for kids turning to drugs, they want to fit in, they are seeking escape from problems and have now where to turn, drugs are glorified in our society.  These factors then lead us to investigate the question When Does It End?


There may not be an end, however there must be a beginning and it starts when we reach out to kids  at an early age and we educate them and empower them and remind them that they are special.  When Nancy Reagan implemented The Just Say No Program people bought into this idea and began to support one another there were commercials and there were classes and parents and children worked together to address the issue of drug use. Communication is one of the keys to breaking the cycle of addiction.


As I thought of communication as away to breaking the cycle of addcition I thought of Jeanne Dexter, who developed the talking jar series to help open lines of communication between children and their parents. Her Talking Jar Series has many components that can be helpful in the communication process. It starats out when eberyone selects and answers the same question. Jeanne recently shared a converation she had with her daughter about forgiveness and the burden of guilt she had been carrying and her daughter opened up and they resolved the issue. The talking jar series could be a catalyst to end the cycle of addiction as it opens up the door for communication.

 This cycle will end when we bring accountability, love, kindness, and forgiveness into the equation. It ends when we realize there is a problem and we stop blaming others and we face it head on. It is when we begin to realize that addiction is a problem created for a number of reasons and that the one way to end the cycle is to be aware of it.

 The serenity prayer is a good place to start when teaching and breaking the cycle of addiction. By having a belief system and realizing that you have the power to change some things and that other things are not changeable for  the only real change you can make is a change in yourself. You can stop behaviors that may be adding to the problem and you will see a vast difference in how you are treated. Try to look at your behaviors and see how they are positivily or negativily affecting the situation and keep the positive and change the negative. The key is to be truthful and committed to breaking the cycle and realize that there is no blame and things happen, however you can move forward by simple using the idea in the past and up until now I had issues with drugs and alcohol and today I make a commit to break the cycle.


  1. Shirah Penn says:

    Thank you , Jonathan for this thought provoking article. I believe so strongly in open communication with young children. I love The Talking Jar for opening those lines of communication. I also recommend Heart Talks by Cliff Durfee. Feel Alive with Love Have a Heart Talk. Learning how to love oneself is a skill that can be taught early. Gramma Shirah

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